Eyre Peninsula, South Australia

Australia's Must Do Road Trip | Eyre Peninsula, South Australia

The Eyre Peninsula is a triangular peninsula in South Australia. It is bounded on the east by Spencer Gulf, the west by the Great Australian Bight, and the north by the Gawler Ranges. It is named after explorer Edward John Eyre who explored parts of the peninsula in 1839-1841

Whenever we come home to Australia we always try to get out and see a new part of our beautiful backyard, this time we are exploring South Australia with a road trip along the Eyre Peninsula before heading home for Christmas.

After flying into Port Lincoln on the tiniest plane, we checked into our hotel and were already up for an adventure. We jumped in the car and made our way up to Coffin Bay to do one of the most unique oyster tours, literally sea to table as we sat in the bay.

That night we had the tastiest meal at Line and Label, including having one of the new top 20 dishes in the world.

The next morning we got up nice and early to go and swim with sea lions and dolphins and wow – cannot recommend this enough!

On the way back to Port Lincoln, we hit up some beautiful spots including Talia Caves, Coffin Bay National Park and even swam in some natural rock pools alongside the ocean (wow is all we can say!)

Featured in this Eyre Peninsula Video

  • Coffin Bay Oyster Tours:
  • Swim with sea lions tour:
  • Boston Bean
  • Talia Caves
  • Coffin Bay National Park
  • The Rogue and Rascal

We hope you enjoyed this video titled Eyre Peninsula, South Australia. Though our video guides are designed to provide further awareness into what it might be like to live in the state of South Australia, we’re hopeful that this video will also help you to choose places to visit (or even call home) when living in Australia.

Have you visited Eyre Peninsula, South Australia before?

Have you visited Eyre Peninsula before? What did you think? Would you go back? Could you live there? We’d love to hear your views so please share these in our comments below.

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kris wilson
1 year ago

This is my favorite vlog yet!!! I just wrote down the oyster farm and swimming with the sea lions on my travel bucket list! Much love from California ;)

Era Cashing
1 year ago

How do you guys have the money to travel around the world ? Do you have like a really good job because I’m tryna travel around the world when I’m older

scarecrow crow1223
1 year ago

i love to live here

1 year ago

I wish i like'd oysters, but I just can't do them. Great Vlog though!

Joe Mulgrew
1 year ago

How can you go to Port Lincoln and not do the Great White shark dive?

1 year ago

What's the song that's playing when you're in the rock pool?

missy mason
1 year ago

Like these cool couples….coolest.:)

Sikho Sikhao
1 year ago

what is the difference between Greyhound and Premier buses and Hop on Hop Off Buses in Australia?

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How should we plan to go on roadtrip from Adelaide to Cairns?

AQUATIC8D fishing,snorkling and more
1 year ago

You should have gone shark cage diving

Explore Australia
1 year ago

Always enjoy watching your vids.

pia harrison
10 months ago

I live there

Miss N
10 months ago

So I have heard of Eyre Peninsula and like thought I’d search YT if anyone has vlogged it and of course you guys have!! Thanks, thinking of going over the summer!

equine theory
10 months ago

This is so so so weird, this is where I live and it’s so weird seeing someone in my hometown and like a popular youtuber be here, also yes rouge and rascal is amazing LMAO

Mary Playford
8 months ago

I am a proud South Aussie. I thoroughly enjoyed the trip to the Peninsula with you guys. It sure is a hidden gem. Thanks for sharing :)

Kelleyn Rothaermel
6 months ago

Yeah! Steve dressed up! My husband says, Jess is so pretty, but her husband steve looks like a kid, but now that you are dressed up you look like a grown up. The food looks so good.

Dave C
6 months ago

South Aus is unique enough! We don't need a unique name! Haha

Mark Johns
6 months ago

locks well big salmon fishing from that beach (poor man's game fish)

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