Finally an Update from Down Under

Australia Australia The Land Down Under

OK, its taken an absolute age to find the time to catch up with the Blog but I’ve finally been able to find a spare half an hour so that I can update any folks interested with the details of what’s been going on in the last few weeks since arriving here in Perth on Saturday 23rd November.

I’ve taken quite a few photographs which I will add to the diary entries or our Photographs section but as in the past, I’ll need to add these at a slightly later date when I have a little more time.

I’ll break the next few posts into a few different chunks to make the entries a little more relevant and appropriate. To Start with though, the move down under went very smoothly. Leaving the house for the last time was an extremely strange feeling. My parents are keeping an eye on the house until the sale completes (still ongoing but looking unlikely this side of Christmas) so as we’d already left one set of keys with the folks, we posted our last set so that they could pick them up when they came to check out the house a day later.

As the company car had been picked up earlier in the day, posting the keys left us…well….keyless. For the first time since I was a young lad, I had no keys to my name. No house keys, no car keys, in fact the only keys we had were the padlock keys for the 6 suitcases which represented all of our worldly possessions for the next few months. Pretty heavy stuff when you think about it (the circumstances and the suitcases) but it also left us with a flutter of excitement as our journey had finally begun.

The fight over with Singapore Airlines was great as always, I can whole heartily recommend these guys and even though we had previously used our Visas when we validated them in February, there were no questions asked about our double baggage allowance when we checked in. It may be down to the fact that the pages with our visa’s in were not physically stamped when we entered the country (they were stamped on another page) but it was pretty obvious, being a family of three with 6 massive suitcases that this wasn’t going to be just a normal holiday visit.

In the end we probably got more then the double baggage allowance, we had quite a few cases well over 30kg, but they were all checked in with no issues. I think I put that down to the charm offensive the little lad had with the check in assistant – we taught him well.

Fast forward 24 hours, a family of three from West Yorkshire lands in our new home. It was great to be back in Australia. Even waiting an hour to get through Australian immigration didn’t bother us to much. I’m sure all of the Australian Passport Holders really appreciated having the Aussie Immi guys ferry none Australia passport holders through their ‘fasttrack’ but we all got ther ein the end.

Hire car picked up from Hertz and off we drove, tired but happy, up the Mitchell Freeway to Mindarie Keys (Via a bottle shop of course).

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