First offer on the cards

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Well, we’ve had a call from the estate agent today advising us that the chap who came to view the house yesterday has made an appointment to pop into the branch tomorrow to make a formal offer.

I have no idea what the offer will be and how much it will meet with our expectations but its a nice positive sign that the house is marketable.

We have a lady (the first one surprisingly) coming to view the house today. Hopefully the missus can use her charm to make the big sell. Having two people interested in buying our houise would be great but just the one will do us for now.

I just hope he doesn’t come back with a stupid offer way below asking price. I know we want to get to Australia as soon as possible but we’ve already drawn our virtual line in the sand and if this chap is below this figure we’ll reject it.

At the end of the day as we’re not in a chain ourselves (we just want to sell up) I’d hope this proves to be an attractive proposition for any potential buyer :)

Lets see what tomorrow brings, hopefully he turns up!

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