First Offer – What a let down

First Offer - What a let down - Optimized blue ocean1 - Getting Down Under

Well, yesterday I posted about the exciting prospect of receiving our first offer and what a let down!

Nearly 20% below the asking price. I wouldn’t mind but the house has only been on the market for four weeks.

Some folks are just to cheeky. It won’t surprise anyone when I say we turned the offer down straight away.

Halifax (god bless em) have taken the opportunity to offer to view his house to see if they could offer him a mortgage to make up some of the short fall but a shortfall of 20% will take a lot of filling. I think they’ll need to start doing some more serious vetting of potential candidates if the property is well below their price range.

Had another viewing last night (went ok) but no vibes from the viewers. The missus is doing a viewing this afternoon.

The fact that that house is getting interest is keeping our spirits up and at least the sun is shining (its a balmy 73 degree’s as I type this).

We’ll see how the next few weeks pan out.

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