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Flying back to Sydney

Australia Sydney Opera House

Well, I’m packing my bags again on Sunday and will be flying back over to Sydney to visit our Sydney offices and attend numerous meetings with Suppliers over the next week.

I still think it sounds cool to say I’ve got meetings in Sydney :) , since my mini tour of Australia, I’m also hoping to have enough time this time around to see some of familiar sights.

Sydney is one of my favorite places and was the first city we ever visited when we traveled to Australia. If anything, Sydney is to blame for us falling in love with this fantastic country we now call home so it will be nice to spend a little time there again.

I’m traveling this week and want to try and cram as much stuff and meetings in as I can   because I want to make sure I don’t need to go for the next couple of months due to the pending birth of Junior number two.

Sydney Rental Market hits Crisis Point

The missus is already a little frantic that I’m traveling away but as we still have two months before the due date I reckon we’ll be OK -crosses fingers, toes, arms, legs.

I really do hope that this is the case because being a short FIVE HOUR FLIGHT away from home could cause a number of logistical issues should I need to get back quickly!

Thankfully the missus has been busy building up a small group of mum ‘mates’ that she has met via Kindergarten. I have to say, Kindi has turned out to be the centre of the social universe for the missus. Its amazing the number of things that get organised through the Kindi moms and its been a good way for us to meet a number of the moms and dads through the mutual acquaintance of juniors little kindi buddy’s.

It’s always been a lot easier for me to make new friends since arriving in Australia as I kinda got chucked into the social circle when I started work. The missus on the otherhand had to start from scratch and do little more searching.

Wanted Down Under Series 6 - Green Family - Sydney

I think its fair to say that its been a bit more of a hard slog, however, the missus is very sociable and slowly but surly she’s started to get together on a regular basis with a number of like minded moms and the sounds of text messages arriving on her mobile are again starting to become a familiar sound at home :)

We always knew that starting from scratch from a friend perspective was always going to be pretty hard but we seem to be getting there now and it certainly gives me a little more peace of mind when it comes to traveling again.

In other news I’m still kicking myself for not making my mind up earlier as the Australia Exchange Rate continues to strengthen against the UK Pound!

I’m seriously getting into the kind of space where I’m starting to think ‘sod it’ as the house prices are still rising over here and I’m starting to get paranoid that the houses we can afford now will be out of our reach in 12 months time.

Another way in which moving to Australia can upset your parents

Still, Sydney will be interesting

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