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    I have done Bachelor’s of Science in Information Technology.
    My major is – Enterprise Systems development.
    Submajor- Business information systems management.

    My subjects are:
    Communication for IT Professionals 
    Introduction to Information Systems 
    Programming Fundamentals 
    Web Systems Distinction 

    Applications Programming 
    Business Requirements Modelling
    Networking Essentials 
    Web Services Development 

    Cloud Computing and Software as a Service 
    Data Structures and Algorithms 
    Database Fundamentals 
    IT Operations Management 

    Collaborative Business Processes 
    Fundamentals of Interaction Design 
    Mobile Networking 
    Software Engineering Practice

    Advanced Interaction Design 
    Information System Development Methodologies 
    Introduction to Data Analytics 
    Project Management and the Professional 

    Networked Enterprise Architecture 
    Systems Development Project 
    Systems Testing and Quality Management

    I want to do my skills assessment. Can anybody suggest me if I can be qualified for 263111 – Computer Network and Systems Engineer occupation which is highly in demand right now?

    If not will I be qualified for  261399 – Software and Application Programmer?

    I just want to be sure that I get the positive assessment outcome with the chances of securing the faster invitation on minimum points. I would greatly appreciate any kind of help.



    Hi Seema, its almost impossible to confirm if you would be qualified based on the information you have shared. If it was so easy, there wouldn’t be a requirement to do a skills assessment in the first place.

    With that being said, on the face of it,you appear to hold the main qualities required under each occupation, however only your skills assessment will really confirm this for you I’m afraid.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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