State nomination of NSW and ACT For accountants And Auditors

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    Hello, I am sorry for such a long question but hope you will find it in your heart to respond,

    I have seen people submitting EOIs for state nomination of NSW(Accountants) without claiming any experience and getting invites. My situation is below, I have
    age: 30pts
    English Language:20pts
    That adds up to 65. Can I expect to get invite from NSW based on my high english language score altho I am not claiming any pts for experience. Altho during invitation rounds of Mar/April minimum points fall down to 65 but I still want to make sure I get 70 pts up there to get invite. Also, ACT says we need to demonstrate we have fully researched our job oppurtunities before applying for state nomination. How do we demonstrate that?Also can I submit multiple EOIS? For instance, Two for seperate state nominations and maybe one for 190 at 65pts. Thank you in advance



    Hi Asim. Sorry for the delay as I missed your post initially.

    Firstly. It’s always difficult to say if you will get an invite as the likelihood of getting an invite is also governed by the other candidates in the queue.

    If someone applies tomorrow but they have more than 65 points then they will likely get an invite before yourself.

    My advise is to be patient whilst making sure you are taking advantage of every opportunity to maximise your points.

    With regards to the EOI’s. Yes. You can submit as many EOI’s as you wish as long as each EOI’s is fully complete with all the required information.

    All the best


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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