How Our Member Connect Works

The principal is a basic one. When a user registers as a member of the Getting Down Under community, we ask them to complete a number of basic fields as part of the registration process.

The options you select, form the basis of a query which is then used to help identify our members matching your search criteria.

You can select one or more dropdowns. The more drop downs you select, the more refined you can make your search.

When viewing your search results. The Getting Down Under members who match your search criteria will be displayed, You can select the ‘Add Friend‘ option to add the member as a friend. Once added, any posts or updates posted by your new friend will be included as part of your activity.

Note: If you don’t get any matches initially, please consider using a broader search.

Find and connect with other members of the Getting Down Under community

Please note you will need to be registered and logged in to add friends.

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