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The principal is a basic one. When a user registers as a member of the Getting Down Under community, we ask them to complete a number of basic fields as part of the registration process.

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You can select one or more dropdowns. The more drop downs you select, the more refined you can make your search.

When viewing your search results. The Getting Down Under members who match your search criteria will be displayed, You can select the ‘Add Friend‘ option to add the member as a friend. Once added, any posts or updates posted by your new friend will be included as part of your activity.

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  1. i have a Master’s degree in applied psychology from my native land pakistan. currently working in a well reputed commercial bank since past 6 years and interested to get immigration to Austrailia please help me telling about the process where to take a start.

  2. I have started processing my skill 189, and i have writing the TOEFL exam and always sorting out my my certificates out through ACS. please kindly tell me what steps should i follow after that.

  3. i had 10 yrs of exp in software engineer i had 55 points i am eligible for 190 visa by adding 5 points total 60 points can i get 190 visa as i applied in june 2017.

  4. Hi mark,

    I am currently holding subclass visa 600 now and I’m planning to apply for the 457 TSS visa.i have finished and have a certification of age care course and health care services from my country which is it possible?
    Second question is I have talked to someone here and who is willing to sponsor me to work in their aged care facility but I just only have a less than a year experience since I only finished and graduated to that course last Dec 2016.and lastly do I have to take the ielts examination?i have a Australian citizen partner here and it’s my 4th times visit here in Aussie.please help me where to start and how do I begin the application.i am very much appreciated your help and for your reply in advance.thank you and God bless.

  5. Automobile engineers are not mention in the skilled labour category.Automobile engineers will come under mechanical engineers or Automobile engineers cannot apply for migration.I’m anxiously waiting for the reply.Thank you in advance

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