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West Coast EaglesWell, I had to get my first AFL footie match in at some point and today is the day.

I’ve been invited by a supplier to attend an AFL match between a team called the West Coast Eagles and Richmond at the Subiaco Oval which is one of the larger stadiums here in Perth.

‘The Eagles’ Won the AFL Champions league last year so are supposed to be quite good apparently.

I’m hoping that the Aussies that I’m attending the game with will be able to educate me a little on the rules. I really have no idea whats going on when I’ve watched the matches on TV.

Lots of running around and kicking and tackling and kicking and running around throughout the four quarters which seem to last anywhere between 20 – 30 minutes. How confusing!

I think I’d actually quite like to get into AFL though. It’ll make for good bonding time for me and Junior who also fancies going to a footie match sometime soon.

Will the Eagles be our team of choice? Well that depends if they win of course! :)

Come on the Kangaroos, err Eagles!

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