Grammar for IELTS Writing: Connecting Sentences

Grammar for IELTS Writing: Connecting Sentences - Grammar for IELTS Writing Connecting Sentences - Getting Down Under IELTS, ielts listening, ielts speaking, ielts writing, IELTS-Test

IELTS Writing Task 2 Skills: Learn how to connect two sentences to make one long complex sentence. An essential lesson for students aiming for band score 6 and above.

Grammar for IELTS Writing: Connecting Sentences

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Mam ur teaching method is very good

Just a thought ! Can we say in the end ' because it allows traffic to move easily, skkiping the word more


Can you confirm, If this is correct?
Building Wider Roads can be solution for traffic congestion. It allows traffic to move smoothly.

More videos like this

Hi liz. Can we write it as, Building wider roads reduces traffic congestion by allowing traffic to move more easily

Really you are good teacher , you have nice style in learning

Are we to use complex sentences or simpler sentences for the academic version? Cos I read it somewhere we are to use shorter simpler sentence structures.

Heartily thank you my dear

The traffic congestion can be solved by building wider roads because it allows traffic to move more easily.

can we use 'widening' instead of 'building'

Can we use the following statement?
"Building wider roads can solve traffic congestion as it can ease the traffic movement"


No comma before the word because ?!

Mam please make the video for students how they can use either or and neither nor

Always appreciate you lecture as it helps me lots, but my question is whether using a COMMA before BECAUSE of the sentence you have provided will be wrong?

When we use gerund ,we need u do singular in second line

Where r u belong mam

Hlo mam ur way of teaching vry good plz share whatapp nmber i will do ielts clssses online from you plz asnwer my msg g

Hi mam, it's me once again looking for an answer. I searched for the answer and got 2 results which made me more confused, thus I am here with a hope to get the answer as I believe in your lessons the most.
The question:
If I use a verb after using "as opposed to", which form should I use? Should I overlook the "to" here and use "verb+ing", or I just put the present form?

Thank u…

Mam whether we can use linking word thus

You are a very good teacher thank you

Thank you mam

'building wider roads' doesn't cause traffic to move easily!

Hey Liz, correct me if this is wrong.
Widening the roads can solve traffic congestion, which allows traffic to move more easily.

Hi excuse me your handwriting is very small I can't read it

Whether all the sentences using the linking word "Because" are adverb clauses?

Mam plzzzzz share vocabulary for task 2…


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