Grammar for IELTS Writing Task 2: Adding a Clause

Grammar for IELTS Writing Task 2: Adding a Clause - Grammar for IELTS Writing Task 2 Adding a Clause - Getting Down Under IELTS, ielts listening, ielts speaking, ielts writing, IELTS-Test

Learn how to add a clause to make a complex, high score sentence for your IELTS writing task 2 essay. For more lessons on IELTS writing skills, visit my channel or my IELTS blog:

Grammar for IELTS Writing Task 2: Adding a Clause

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Please deliver complete lecture on writing

Honestly, u solved the puzzle. I always avoided long sentences, as I always thought the simpler the better, n I never had above 6.5 in writing. Thank you, u r such a great teacher.

Can we conclude that you use parentheses to include a clause in a sentence to make it complex?

Building spelling is incorrect.

Hi Liz,

Thanks for the great lessons. I have a doubt in the above video. The sentence from the video says:

"Building wider roads can solve traffic congestion, which is

a serious problem in major cities during rush hour, because it allows traffic to move more easily".

I am not finding it meaningful. What allows traffic to move more easily? Is it the 'Serious Problem' or Building wider roads.

Is the linker 'because' (a dependent clause) dependant on the word 'serious problem' or the word 'Building wider roads'.

I am confused please help me out.

If i write

Which in turn allows traffic to move easily
It's correct or incorrect?

Send Bob

Hey mam,please tell me..why you write hour. Why u not write *hours*. Please explain

Before the word because, can we write this is so…because…

great video.

This video was so useful! Thank you!

Best English teacher . Thank you

Actually I am weak in speaking my ielts in January 17 so anyone interest to speak English with me.

Aiming for band score 8

Hi Mrs Liz. I have been watching your videos for my IELTS test which i completed last week. Your tutorials have been very helpful. Thanking you in advance. I shall notify you of the results :)

Iam really confused about using commas while connecting clauses as I read somewhere that commas should not be used if a dependent clause comes after an independent clause, but here you have used comma after an independent clause.Please help.

Hi Liz,

I'd like to thank you for your detailed videos. They are really helpful, relevant and thorough.

However, I've noticed that most of your videos are aimed at people who either want to score a 6+ Band or a 7+ Band and not above that threshold. Would you be kind enough to shed some light on how to score a bit higher? Say 8+?

I would really appreciate your input on this.

Thanks for your great tips. I'm watching them in a series but stucked a bit with this. Would you please help if this one is right or not? – "Having healthy diet can help to reduce extra body weight, which is easily gained by the desk job holders who mostly spend the whole day working on a chair, because it helps to break the body fats and improve digestion system."

Hi, Liz. Thank you for the video. I will like to know if it is right to use a comma before the conjunction "because". I had read it somewhere that it is not appropriate to do so. Can you please clarify?


Can we use To recapitulate, or I opine ,
for conclusion paragraph

Hi Mme, pls can you do a video on ielts writing task 1 for Grammar training for both formal and informal letters

Hello madam,
Can we use ' comprehensive road'?


Is it possible to use can in task 2

I didn't understand the question of task 2
Plzz give me right suggestion

Plz mam pie charts te v easy sentence krao

hi liz….. , can we use proverbs and punchlines in wroting task 2 ……. because it is a hot topic nowadays that crammed sentences leads to less band score ??? hope u will reply soon ..

yor videos is very good and very helpful in my ielts writing

Mam but u said u can't write same words again from question

Hey liz i hv test in 5 days n I m having a bit trouble with conclusion. In task 2.m having issue there.


what about 8 band or more than that??

Mam my exam on 28 plz give me some tips to improve my listening and writing also I'm very frustrated with myself bcz I learn same think every day but I can't improve myself plz give some opinion to get 7.5band

Thanks you very much for these videoes

Can we use idioms in writing task2

Hello Mam.. where are your reading lessons .plzz tell me??

Mam you're missing the for superlative degree ( the most)


Each and Every video of this channel is effective for IELTS. We want more class on different regard.

My when you write on the whiteboard it is too far so we can't see it what are you right on the whiteboard

I think there must be ' it allow ' rather than ' it allows'. Its a grammatical error, because it refers to 'building wider roads'and it is a plural subject. Apart from this your ielts lessons are excellent.

Mam plz make a video on complex sentences for task 2

Hi Liz

The method is superlative..Thanks for brilliant teaching.


Hello mam… Pls tell me ..can we write more than 300words in writing task 2?


Building wider roads can ease traffic congestion which is a significant concern of most urbanized areas because it allows traffic to move more easily … would it be band catching ?

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