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Do you know what, when we decided to emigrate to Australia, the emotions we went through when trying to gain our Visa kinda pale into insignificance when compared to those we are going through now we’re selling our house.

I guess it’s the sheer lack of structure which is the thing that gets to you.

With our visa applications we knew there would be a certain amount of ‘doing nothing’ once we had sent our visa applications off. We also knew there were hundreds, perhaps even thousands in a similar boat.

With our house sale there’s lot of unexpected ‘nothing’ happening which is enough to drive a family nuts!

The paperwork completion and surveyors instruction that was supposed to happen this Saturday didn’t happen.

Thankfully, the Mr of the buying party did go into the Halifax to complete the paperwork but the Mrs was unable to attend as she had a wedding to go to.

Now I’m not sure why she didn’t mention this when she visited us earlier this week. The same visit in which she told us that she would be going into the Halifax this Saturday to complete the paperwork.

Still, at least the Mr of the party went in.

The story from the Halifax (once we chased them) is that the Mr will get the Mrs to sign the paperwork this weekend. He will then take the completed forms into the branch on Monday where the surveyors fee’s will then be paid.

Enough info for the Halifax to mark our property as sold apparently..yay!

Still not enough for a slightly paranoid chap from West Yorkshire to feel relieved though.

Anyway, the brother-in-law comes for a two day visit today, he’s been in France for the last three weeks visiting his missus’s family before they all travel back to Sydney next week.

Perhaps his presence will be the good luck charm we need to finally get this bottomed out!

Here’s hoping eh?

I guess the key message for this entry is this. When were were applying for our Visa’s we felt better because we knew we were waiting with thousands of other wannabe Aussies. One you get your visa you’re only halfway through your journey.

Selling your house is a seriously big thing, especially from an emotional perspective and for those of you currently selling your house, be assured you are not alone. We will all get there…eventually!

Further updates on if/when the paperwork is ever completed later this week!

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