Happy English Language Day from E2Language!

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With English Language Day around the corner, we would like to extend our support in helping you overcome the difficulties that you face. For many, the English language tests are a life-changing moment as it opens up the road to multiple opportunities abroad. Whether its the PTE Academic, IELTS, OET or the TOEFL, when you need us, we’re here for you! :)

Happy English Language Day from all of us at E2Language and remember, wherever you are and whatever language you speak, we speak one language and we’re here to help you out :)

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Happy English Language Day from E2Language!

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Jay you are the best.
Ask allah to pless you
Thank you alot

have to say you're very cute

Thank you a lot alllllllllllllll

Got an Overall 88 for my PTEs…Extremely grateful and appreciate the efforts of Jay, Kaia and Team!!! Keep living the good life!!


I got 7 in writing and an overall band 8 by watching your videos for 5 hours
Thank you

Happy English Language Day to you all, too.

Thank you soooooo much dear mate. I prepared for my IELTS test by only watching your videos. You have numerous tips and tricks which helped me get an overall band score of 8.5 in General Training module.Listening – 8.5, Reading – 8, Writing – 8 and Speaking – 8. You and your team have played a significant role in me securing those scores and I am always grateful for that. Keep up the great work and I can proudly state that all your tips, be it in speaking (PPF) or in reading works perfectly. Your methods are 100% accurate and… Read more »

Thank you E2Language team, wishing you all Happy English Language Day……

Hi Jay! Thank you so much for all your videos :). I would like to say…I took my IELTS academic test for the first time 13 days ago and just got my results (a 9 overall) and I can confidently say it is because I binge watched all your youtube videos 2 weeks before sitting for the exam. I got a 9 for reading, listening and speaking, and an 8.5 for writing. So, thank you so much for all your help! If I ever need to sit for the IELTS again, Ill be sure to buy a package! :)

Hey Jay, I have been using your channel and your tutorials extensively for almost 3 months before my exam and they have helped me a lot! I just received my overall score and it's an 8! I am deeply grateful to you and your team for your amazing efforts and your high-quality explanations and methods!


E2 Amazing efforts


Excellent Jay! I introduced your channel to my friend and he has also become a great fan of you.

Dear Jay ,thank you for your team.please continue like this.u r amazing master .

Hey Jay, how can someone be a part of your team and work with E2?

Same to u

Thanks Jay and E2 language for all that I have learned from you.

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