Having a baby in Australia – A review

Ok, so it’s not quite like a book review but I thought I should write down a few first impressions following the birth of our beautiful, gorgeous, gushingly perfect daughter yesterday :)

Two words :- Dogs bollocks!

Ok, that may not mean to much to our Amercian visitors but let me just say this, the quality of the care and facilities we have found in Australia compared to those experienced in the United Kingdom has been fantastic!

Sure, the Joondalup Health Campus is still a pretty new hospital but the people who work there have been fantastic.

Ironically, I’d say there were more English people working at the hospital in Joondalup then there was in Halifax in the Uk which is the hospital where Junior number one was born.

Speaking to a few of the midwives, they were drawn to Australia after attending a number of seminars and similar sessions held in the UK.

Sessions which I assume were held with the sole purpose of poaching all of our very well, and expensively trained paediatrics staff . Clever people these Aussies! :)

I’m not sure if it’s a result of the more laid back lifestyle or simply down to the fact that the hospital is adequately staffed but the quality of the care has been great!

None of the staff have been in a rush to see to their next patient.

Each of the midwives has taken the time to ensure that every single need of junior number 2 and the missus was taken care of.

The food has been good, the quality of the rooms has been excellent and generally we’ve been very happy with the service (although we haven’t seen the bill yet)….

Our little girl was born at 8:17 am yesterday. Since this time baby and mum have received the absolute best care available

If you are reading this and are wannabe or soon to be new parents living down under then all I can say is don’t worry.

You will be very well looked after!



Written by Mark

As the founder of Getting Down Under, Mark is passionate about demystifying the process associated with a move to Australia.
Having launched Getting Down Under in early January 2006 and made the move to Australia from the UK in the same year, Mark continues to share resources and support for those looking for assitance, Getting Down Under.

If you have a question for Mark, please post in our Forums

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  1. My wife is expected to deliver in September and we are traveling in August. As we both are the permanent resident. Can you guide me, how can we obtain Child Australian passport?

  2. Hi,

    I’m feeling frustrated and just wanting to know if anyone can give me an answer?

    I’m from the UK and my partner is australian. We are both living in Australia and have been for e last year and half. I’m pregnant with his baby and due in october. I have applied December last year for my partner visa but I’m still awaiting the decision so at the moment the i migrations office has given my a bridging visa a subclass 010. I ha left my job and have always paid my taxes whilst working In Australia, and previous to that when I was living in England. I have called centreline in Australi to see if I would be eligible for any benefits once I have had the baby. The lady on the phone told me I was not at all eligible for anything, I am also not eligible for any UK benefits. This seems really unfair on my unborn child, he won’t get any help from ever country. Even though he is both English and australian. We cannot survive without receiving any sort of benefit so basically we will now be living in poverty. I am seriously worried and stressing out and I’ve researched it and it keeps giving me dead ends, not eligible for anything, I’m really upset and don’t know what to do.

    Please let me know if your in same situation.



  3. Hi to all, all I can say to the bone comments, is what a load of rubbish, me, hubby and children have been here for 5 years, we came here on a student visa and paid $35,000 to do a course and apply for pr, we were told 8 months after the 2yr course we would get pr !!!, well 5 yrs later we are still waiting, to add to this we are unable to claim child benefit and we have to pay $18,000 a yr for our 3 children to attend. State school !!!!which everyone else attends for free, we have just been blessed with the birth of a georgeous baby girl, who apparently will have a Ozzys birth cert but we still can’t clim any benefits for her, so please don’t think if u move to Perth you will be looked after you won’t !!!!

  4. Dear mark,
    I’ve here ( in Australia ) since 4yrs, as in a Student visa. My wife is in depandent visa. we are having a child on april last 2012. I know s/he won’t be eligible for PR or citizenship of Australia but what happened if s/he apllied for PR or citizenship after 16 years as the baby is born wiithin Australia. After having a baby birth here we will be moving back to our country( Nepal).Is it possible that the baby can apply for PR or citizenship after s/he grows up 16yrs. what the rules of Australia immgratin says ?

    Finally, what happened or the status would be for the baby,once s/he borns, if both parents staying here elligal ?

  5. Hi Mark,

    My girlfriend is about giving a birth in 2 months and we are going to get civil marriage next month.
    She is not an Australian citizen and coming to down under with tourist visa.
    Will medicare cover the hospital expenses of giving birth since I am an Aussie? How about the baby’s citizenship?

    thanks for your help

    • Hi Rene

      As an Aissie I’d expect that medicare will cover this. As at least one of the parents has perminant residence then your baby will also be entitiled to Australian Citizenship.

      I’m not an expert though so please be sure to check with your local medicare office just in case. ;)



  6. Hi, im dependant visa holder, but i haver relationship with australian more than 1 year and we will getting married next month, im 3 month will be easy for me for apply my prospective marriage visa? and if it possible can i have medicare and baby bonus when my baby birth, thx.

  7. hi mark

    i m aamir and me and my wife leaving in Australia from last 2 years on student visa, we already apply for family immigration as my uncle was leaving in Australia from last 30 years, in July we blessed with baby girl can we eligible for baby bonus.

  8. Hi, I’m just wondering if i can apply for medicare card. I’m 3 months pregnant. I applied for prospective marriage visa (subclass 300) n I still have to wait another 5 months before the visa granted. I’m getting married this month so I just need to provide another documents to change the visa into Spouse visa. I don’t mind to pay for the GP, Dr or all the test. But some people make it such a big deal bout not having a medicare card. I supposed to go for my first ulrasound scan this week but guess what, they can’t do it because I don’t have a medicare card. It’s so frustrating and pathetic.

    • My GP never make a big deal bout this medicare card thingy, he’s super nice. Only some certain people make such a big thing about it. I dont mind to having a baby in my country but my fiance cant just leave his job. I hope you can help me with this situation. Thank u so much.



  9. I would like to add that I plan on studying at UNSW architecture masters program so will most likely be moving to sydney.

  10. Hi,
    I plan on applying for student visa to australia for FEB 2012, i will be moving there with my spouse and 8 month old baby. I just want to know how difficult and expensive it will be to survive day to day living costs like rent, transport, day care centre, food and medical , My fee is taken care of as my parents are funding me in that department. Any guidance will be highly appreciated as i dont want to put my little baby through any hardship.
    My husband can work unlimited hrs due to me doing a post grad degree. He is a marketing manager in our country ( pakistan ) but his educational background is in architecture. Will he be able to find a reasonable job ? We both speak and right fluent english and scored high in our IELTS.

  11. hello
    i m reet am student here i am living here before 2years. I deliver the on 20-10-2010. Is there any possibilty of PR for baby and any baby bonus for our baby.

  12. I’m American (and pregnant), my boyfriend is Australian, and we’ve been living in the US. He moved back to Australia to find us a place to live, and I’ll be joining him at the end of Sept. I’ve already applied for my visitor’s visa. We’re not planning on getting married. Not being married, would our child be an Australian citizen(as my boyfriend is), or would the baby have dual citizenship?

    I’ve tried reading the website, and it’s so confusing!

    Thanks in advance for the help – cheers!

    • Hi Ashley, if you have your baby in Australia it will be an Australian Citizen, I’m not sure sure about the rules in the US but imagine you may need to apply for US citizenship as a separate process.



    • Hi Ashley (or Mark if you have some info),

      I’m intrigued as to how your situation is and what visa you now have.

      Here is my scenario: I’m an Australian citizen and have been studying in the United States on a student visa since August 2010.
      My female friend (not together, and a Kentucky USA resident and citizen) are expecting a child in August 2011. My plan is to bring her home to Australia with me in June, have the baby there, and for her to become a permanent resident. She intends to transfer her current studies to the University in my home town where I will als be studying.

      How long is your visitor’s visa valid for? After you have the baby in Australia (assumption) will you be able to become a permanent resident? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am struggling with finding out information.


    • Hi Ashley,
      I’m American and currently in Australia and pregnant by an australian. If your baby is born here it will be an australian but you can take the baby along with your proof of being an American to your nearest embassy to make your baby have dual citizenship. :) I talked to the american Embassy and Australian to verify all this info :) Good luck with everthing :)

  13. My husband and i are planing to have our baby in Australia.We are Nigerians coming with visitors visa.what would be status of the child?is my baby going to be recongnised as Australian Citizen.Can we apply for PR in Australia while we are still on a visit there?.
    Coming with visitors visa?can i apply for a school?
    I would be happy to get a reply.
    Mrs Win.

    • Hi Win

      Your baby would have the same status as yourself and would not gain Australian residency or citizenship as either yourself or your partner would need to have Australian perminant residency in order for your baby to qualify.

      Please feel free to post in our forums with regards to your other options. You can access our forums by clicking here :)



  14. Hi there, last few years ago a friend of mine brought all of their family up to Australia (both parents and 2 boys born outside Australia, 6 yrs old and 3 yrs old), their first visa was tourist visa until they decided to stay in Australia illegally for more than 17 years. The father paid a solicitor to fight a Permanent resident for their boys because they’ve been living and grew in Australia more than 10 years. Finally both of their kids got a PR.

    I was just wondering if that case still can happens these days??..what are the requirement?


  15. hi there,
    i would like to inquire about what kind of visa apply if i want to bring my sister from Philippines in australia for 12 months? Im expecting to have a baby on august and i want to bring my sister here to help me coz i dont have any family here. Im not yet a permanent resident but my papers is in the process now. my husband is australian citizen. hope you can help me. thanks,

  16. I am from NYC USA and currently traveling through Oz on a Tourist visa, I fell pregnant recently about 6 weeks. There’s a kicker though… unfortunately I was seeing two guys at the time both Australian citizens my visa will run out but I want to have my baby in Australia and find out the paternity. I dont know how to go about this and I will not get medical care without insurance from the US anymore I will not receive proper medical care through Australia. I dont know what to do and I know Im not being too detailed but you think its a good idea for me to just become an illegal? *sigh* anyone want US residency? j/king but honestly i dont want to marry one guy and it being the others kid. Can somebody at least give me a link about this sort of thing or if anyone knows the adoption laws (even though painful) i would like to read into the adoption laws out here too if anyone has a scooby. thanks

  17. Hi!

    I am an english citezen and currently on a student visa. I have 6 months left of my advanced diploma and just found out that I am pregnant. The father (my ex boyfriend) is an Australian citezen and i dont think wants anything to do with the baby. Where do I stand?
    1 Will I be covered medically if I decide to have the baby?
    2 will my baby be british or australian?
    3 will I recieve any financial help from the government if I have the baby?
    4 will I have residence status here?

    I would really appreciate some information, I haven’t long found out.


    • Hi Sarah

      This sounds like a complicated case so I’d probably seek advice from an agent (post in our forums as we have a few great ones in there who will be able to give you a view) :-)

      My general comments however are:

      If you only have six months left then you won’t have a valid visa by the time your baby is born so you’d need to return home to have the baby anyway?

      If you did this then your baby will adopt your citizenship, not the fathers. If it was born in Oz it would get Aussie citizenship (but you would still need to apply for perminant residency via an appropriate channel even though your baby would already have it).

      You could have the baby in Oz but without a valid visa you’ll struggle to get any benefits. Like the UK, Australia offers reciprocal medical care for folks from many countries although your residency situation (or lack of) would probably not be worth the trouble.

      Please post in our forums as I’m sure those more qualified will be able to give you more detailed advice.



  18. hi
    i am parminder singh i am a student here for 1 year (sub class-572). i just wanna get some information reggarding family.actually i wanna get my father in austrelia for some days.i wanna know is it possible or not.
    please make attention on my matter .
    thank you i will wait response from you

  19. Hello Sir,

    I got PR for australia under subclass visa 175 with my family. We have a baby boy and he is just 6 years old. We will move to sydeny in next month.
    Now, i want to know that we are eligible for taking a chile care benefits for him?(like some amount receive from australia govt. when we reached in australia)
    seeking for you reply….


  20. Hi Mark,

    I have been reading all your replies they are very informative. I was just wondering if you could give me any details about my situation.

    I have applied for PR but now there is another 2 year wait we are in for the long run.. I have recently found out I am pregnant by my ex partner (father of the child) who is an Australian citizen so I understand our child, who is due in 6 months, will be automatically an Aussie citizen, but my questions are:-

    What happens to me and my other child (a UK citizen) if anything goes wrong with our PR application?? Will all three of us have to go back to the UK or is there some way that as my newborn is an Australian citizen then we will be able to apply too?

    I am very worried about this as we have been here for 3 years now and made a great life for ourselves here (on student visa and bridging visa) I could not apply for a defacto visa as my ex partner and I have not lived together and did not share bank accounts/morgage/rent etc.

    One other things is at the moment I am on a bridging visa, although I do get Medicare help, I do not get any childcare help or benefits for my first child, will this be the case for my 2nd child who will be Australian citizen?? And also would I be eligible for the baby bonus for my newborn, even though their father and I have split??

    Many thanks in anticipation of your reply and advice.
    A much confused and worried mother and mother to be…


  21. I will be coming to Perth on student visa in a 2 years master programme. My wife is pregnanat and the expected date is somewhere in october. I know that private insurance will not cover the case due to pre-condition preriod and we need to spend 1 year in Aus before claiming such case. Can someone guide me how shoudl i go about it. I mean are we entitled for public hospital facilities and what will it cost to us??? please do send a detailed reply.


    • Hi Raju, firstly congrats!

      Based on my own research, as a none perminant resident having a baby can be a little costly. I would budget a minimum of $5000 – $6000 AUD to cover the birth of your child here in Australia + approx $150 per day for any additional days in hospital.

      Your Doctor in Australia will be able to recommend hospitals, however make sure you book in early to.

      Hope this helps



  22. Hi,

    I would like to know, on private overseas student health cover how much am I looking at to have my baby. Like should i budget $3000? $20? I am looking for close approximations here to avoid stress later on. I am a few weeks pregnant and have no idea how much it will cost me to have the baby here. After the baby is born do I have to go and get them put on my visa? How long after having the baby can you go back to living normally? Work etc.

  23. Hi Mark

    All the info you have been posting is really helpful, but i am still a little confused. My husband and i are starting the immigration process we will be coming on a skilled visa which is permanent, would we be entitled to the Baby bonus and be able to access medicare when we choose to start a family?



  24. Hi Mark,

    All the information you have given is very helpful.

    I just wanted to ask a question about my situation.

    I am Australian and I have been living in the UK for 5 years but was in Australia for 3 1/2 months back in 2007. I am now pregnant with my second child, due in March, and wanted to have this baby back home in Australia. My sister says that I will not be covered for medicare and wont get the baby bonus. Is this correct?

    Your help will be much appreciated.



  25. Hi Mark, i’m wondering if you can help me. I am Australian and my wife is a filipino….we are expecting a baby in december. My wife has applied for a permanent visa….since oct 2008. We are still waiting for a reply from the embassy in Manila. Just wondering if it was possible for her to come over here on a tourist visa if she doesn’t get the permanent visa issued to her before the birth of our child. Would it then be easier for her to get a permanent visa after having our child born in Australia? p.s. We have sent documented proof to the embassy in Manila of her pregnancy. They said they would fast track it…whatever that means. Maybe i’m just being overanxious and impatient.

  26. Hi Mark,

    I am from the UK originally and have been living in Australia for 7 years, I am having a baby with my Australian fiance this November. Can you tell me if my child will be able to have a UK passport as well as hold an Australian passport?

    I have heard that this is only possible if the Father of the child is British not the Mother?!

    Also we are not planning to marry until after the baby is born, will this make any difference to her status?

    Thanks for your help


    • Hi Sarah

      No, that is not right . On the basis that you’ve retained your own dual citizenship then your baby will get a British passport with no problems.

      Having an Aussie citizen as a father also qualifies your baby for Aussie citizenship to. If your baby is born in Australia, not being married will have little impact on your babies citizenship status.

      Congratulations for November, please let us know how you get on! I think it’ll be a girl so good luck!



    • Hi Mark

      I am an Indian and last year my wife and me applied for permanent residency Skilled Independent Visa 885, recently a case officer was appointed and she has asked to do medicals which we did today however last week we visited a doctor and were told that my wife is pregnant and expecting in january, i believe we will have the residency by the end of next month,when we informed the CO about the new development she asked to fill the 1022 circumstances change form and asked to submit 2 photos and birth certificate when the baby is born, other thing she advised was that the baby will have to go through a medical examination that time as well. I am confused as of what i know and i read on the web i always thought a child to a permanent resident will be an australian citizen by birth, can you please advise us what will be the status of the child ?

      • Hi mate

        You’re correct but you need to have the baby in Australia for this to apply.

        I’m assuming your CO is basing their view on the fact that you may have the baby before moving to Australia.

        If you plan to have the baby in Australia then simply advise your CO as such. I’m sure they will update thier requirements based on this additional news. :-)

        Congratulations by the way and good luck with the final stages of your application.



  27. Hello,
    I need help as well. My husband is an Australian citizen and I am an American citizen. He will not be able to come back to the US in time to have the baby so I am looking into traveling to Australia to have the baby. First thing I am curious about is whether customs will let me in to have the baby. Second thing, since my husband is a citizen will the birth be covered or at least the baby?

    • Hi Alivia,

      I am Australian and my husband is American and we live in the USA. I gave birth to two of our children in Aus and two in USA. We were living in SE Asia when I returned to Aus to give birth to child #2 so I had lost my medicare eligeability. I gave birth at a private hospital and our USA medical insurer covered the cost. You might check with your health insurer in the USA to see if they will cover the cost of you giving birth in Aus They usually don’t have a problem with this because it is cheaper for them if you give birth in Aus. We have had several US insurers over the years all of whom have extended coverage when we’ve travelled overseas.

      Congratulations and I hope this helps. Also, for what it’s worth, the care I received in Aus was far superior to the care I received in the USA. Good luck!

  28. Dear Mark,

    Could you please help me.

    My wife is expecting and we have a permanent resident visa of Australia, since 2004.

    But the last couple years we have been living in our home country, however we are going back to Australia before Julie 09 (birth should be around september), so we are not sure if Medicare will help with the cost, or what we need to do to get some help from Medicare.



    • Hi Alejandro, if you have your PR visa’s then Medicare will be able to help. You’ll need to register with Medicare to begin with although this is a pretty simple process.

      See this link for full details

      Medicare does cover a lot of the costs associated with the birth of your baby although not all of it. As an example, we had 3 – 4 scans and had to contribute approx $70 for each scan.

      On the flip side, when our daughter was born in Australia, my wife was in hospital for 4 days, she had an emergency C section and we didn’t pay a cent.

      Costs obviously vary based on your circumstances, however Medicare covers most of these costs for you.

      Congratulations and good luck!

      Best wishes


  29. Dear Mark,

    Could you please please please help me.

    My wife is expecting and we have a permanent resident visa of Australia.Also we have a validated visa i.e. we have visited australia after we got our PR

    Now the problem is that we would like the baby to be delivered in INDIA (our home country), could you please let me know that how would we take the child back to australia, also what would be his immigration status..



  30. hi mark

    my partner + i are currently on a student in australia – and i am studying on a 2 year course – this being my last year.

    we just found out that i am pregnant and becasue of the visa restrictions my fiancee is only able to work 20 hours per week.

    we need to move to a bigger house as well as all the things we need to for the new baby, without any help from the government as we are not perm residents ( understandably )

    My question is, are we able to contact immigration to see if my fiancee can work more than 20 hours per week as it is going to be virtually impossible to survive with a little one and all the thing that go along with it on our current wages and we have come such a long way .. we dont want to back out now! i am english and my partner is german.

    many thanks

    • Hi Gemma, of course you can but I’m afraid (If I’m being honest) the answer may not be a positive one as the Aussie Immigration folks are pretty cut and dry when it comes to their policies.

      Please let us know how you get on though and Congrats on the pregnancy! Feel free also to post your question in our forums as there may be other users who share similar circumstances.

      All the best



  31. Dear Mark,

    Could you please help me.

    My wife is expecting and we have a permanent resident visa of Australia.

    Now the problem is that we would like the baby to be delivered in INDIA (our home country), could you please let me know that how would we take the child back to australia, also what would be his immigration status..



  32. hi mark, i m naveen gupta from haryana ,india. i m an electrical engineer.we hav applied for PR in feb time it wud take take for our visa to come? our category is subclass 175(GSM). we want to have baby only in australia? what will be status of the child at time of birth and what benefits we wud get there finacially as well as medically?? plz tell us.

    waiting for reply,

    naveen gupta

  33. Hi,

    Good morning and good day.

    I have applied for visa Class BN Subclass 136 Skilled – Independent
    i got it too. I am planning to come there by may 15th Now my wife is pragnent she will reach me around her 7th month that is by august 1st week her due date is 3rd week of september now we would like to know whether my wife will get medical facilities and what should we do. can you please explain us


  34. Hi this is dinesh iwant to know that me and my wife is in australia on visa sub class 573 we now my wife is pregnent and expected at july 09 could you please tell me what will be my child's residancy status he will be indian citizen or Australian citizen and what medical benefit will be provided by the Australian Gov. and if we got PR in future then He will b citizen or not

    • Hi Dinesh, your baby will remain an Indian Citizen, he/she would only get Australian Residency if either parent had Australian PR at the time of the babies birth.



  35. @ Pravin

    Temporary residents are generally not covered by Medicare or entitled to Australian social security benefits, this includes the baby bonus



  36. Hi,
    I am Manpreet singh anand from India,punjab,jallandhar. My age is 25 and i am sallaried here in india. I am willing to settle in Austraila, so being as Indian what i’d have do for that. I dont want to come there nor for studies neither as on skilled immigration. Is there any way out that i can be a permanent resident of Austraila, can i buy some house there and be a permanent resident.
    Manpreet s anand,

  37. I checked with immigration and they say either of the parents should have RP or citizenship. Is there any advantage for the baby born in australia? and what about the baby bonus or Medicare card for the baby if the parents are on 457 and baby is born in australia.


  38. Hi Shreeram, no. neither yourself or your baby would gain Australian Citizenship.

    A change in Australian Law a couple of years ago now means that for your baby to become an Australian citizen at least one of the parents needs to have permanent residency.

    As things currently stand, the baby would become a Neplease citizen.



  39. Dear Sir, i actually want to know that if i am being a neplease citizen, get a baby in australia as a student for 2 years then what will be happen? After giving birth a baby in australia parents will get PR according the law of australia ? i will be graceful if i get reply as soon as possible

    thanks you

  40. I am mature student on 4 year Bach degree course and have my family on international student visa (husband and son – now 4 years old). Have been here for 2 years and the trouble is I would like another baby, I will be 40 yrs soon and the clock is ticking so to speak! but would also like to finish the other 2 years of course afterwards. Does anyone know if there is an interim visa, or if I can take a year off and still stay here as we are pretty settled. What would our status be if we have a baby, how much does it cost in hospital here? Thanks in advance

  41. we are on SIR visa process, we are planing to have a baby in India before going to australia cause we cant waite the satelling time n then pregnency time after reaching there. so we plan our baby in india only, so pls can u tell me what are the benefits for the baby if he or she born in australia… so that we can go accordingly.. like heshe get direct citizenship or any benefits for us?

  42. Hi there,

    I’m glad I found this forum. Congrats to everyone having a baby! My wife and I are currently on a student visa subclass 572 and we are expecting a baby in January. We do have health care, but that doesn’t cover giving birth. We are unsure about what’s happening when you have a baby in Australia as a student and we are also afraid of upcoming costs for the hospital. We would love to get our baby in Sydney but are not sure if it is a good idea, since we don’t have a PR. My wife is Malaysian and I am German. Which nationality will the baby be then? Will the baby get any support from Australian Government or will we have to pay all by ourselves? In this case it might be better to go back to one of our home countries. I really appreciate any help or advise, since we are both a bit nervous and afraid. Thank you.


  43. HI Mark,

    That’s really good news, could you also tell me if i can avail the public hospital facilities for my wifes devilery. i am in surfers paradise and looking for public hospital.



  44. HI Roz/Mark,

    I am sailing on the same boat, could you please pass on me if you have more details on the same.

    Again, what could be the citizenship of my baby born in Australia and i am in 457 visa.



  45. Hi Mark

    Thank you for pointing me in the direction of your forums – I have posted a question there, so fingers crossed!

    I was interested to read some of your previous blog posts about your move to Australia. It makes me realise just how much we have still to do in the next 4-6 weeks!

    It’s not the first time we have moved abroad – we lived in the Netherlands for over 5 years and have now been back in the UK for 3 years. Moving to NL wasn’t so complicated before we left as there were no visas required, but some things were difficult/complicated/ridiculously bureaucratic once we got there! Hopefully, it will be the other way round with Australia!

    Anyway, we’ve been focussing on the positives today and looking forward to all the great things we can do once we’re in Sydney (we’ve visited once before and so know a bit about the place)…

    Will keep you posted on our progress,


  46. Hi again Roz

    Hmmm, could be a little more complicated. I suggest you look at posting in our forums Click Here as we have a few qualified migration agents who post to these forums and they might be able to give you a little more info.

    As for us, we came in on the skilled sponsored category but we were sponsored by family who were also recent Aussie residents.

    A little more background to our journey can be read in one of my first posts made Here :)

    It certainly has been a very interesting journey for us and I hope you find your journey suitably stress free :)

    All the best and please let us know how you get on.



  47. Hi Mark

    Thank you very much for your very fast reply. I guess I should have mentioned that my husband is being sponsored for a temporary long term business 457 visa, not permanent residency.

    The immigration consultant working for his future employer has now told me that we will have to pay for the birth, unless we can get cover under some reciprocal agreement. I called the DSS and found out that the reciprocal agreement with the NHS ended in 2001, so that is not an option. The immigration consultant said that we might get a reciprocal arrangement under private healthcare, if we had that in the UK, but as we have relied on the good old NHS so far, that is also not an option.

    I found some info on a website that seemed to suggest that the employer was responsible for healthcare costs on the temporary visa. However, it only mentioned that the employer was responsible for covering the costs of the person being employed – it did not say anything about dependents, so it’s possible that I would not be covered anyway.

    The baby bonus sounds good – but, again, I’m not sure if we will be entitled to it with our residence status. It sounds like you are in a much better position, having permanent residency. Did you find an employer willing to sponsor you for that from the outset?

    I will certainly keep you posted on my progress…

    Best wishes,


  48. Hiya Roz

    As a permanent resident of Australia I’m pleased to say you qualify for Medicare from day one. (I think you may be mixing this up with things such as housing benefits/social payments etc which can’t be claimed until you’ve been a resident for over two years).

    Even with Medicare you will still need to pay for some stuff although Medicare should cover in the region of 80 – 100% of the costs depending on what it is you need to have done.

    At time of typing we’ve not seen any form of bill and we ended up going the major surgery / c-section route although we did have to pay for some of the earlier treatment such as Ultra sounds which cost us approx $80 AUS (33 UK Pounds).

    Either way, don’t worry. You won’t be left to out of pocket and any bills you get should be covered by the $3000 New baby bonus you’ll receive from the Aussie government.

    All the best and let me know how you get on :)



  49. Hi Mark, Many congratulations on the birth of your daughter! I was very encouraged to read about the fantastic care in Australia, as I am expecting a baby in February 2008. We are due to emigrate from the UK in November, if our visa applications are successful, but I am a bit confused about the health insurance situation at the moment. Like you, private healthcare would not cover us for the pregnancy as there is a 12 month waiting period. However, I understood that you were not entitled to public healthcare (Medicare) until you have been in Australia for 2 years. Is this not the case or will you have to pay for the care that you received yourself? If this is the case, do you know how much (roughly) it will be? Any help you can give would be most gratefully received as I’m feeling very stressed about this at the moment. Best wishes to your wife and daughter – hope that they are both doing well. Many thanks in advance, Roz

  50. Hey lori and thanks :)

    The hospital is actually both Public and Private (it has a private wing and facilities).

    Although we had private medical insurance from the week we arrived in Aus there was a 12 month qualifying period before we could use this insurance in relation to pregnancy related claims.

    As such we ended going the public route.

    I guess for anyone reading this then this is good news. I can only imagine what the private care might have been like :)



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