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Hot nights, cats and bikes

It’s been a while since I posted any Blog updates but I’ll use the excuse that work has been pretty hectic recently.

Life in Australia is still great although we’ve had a couple of sleepless nights due to some very warm weather we’ve been experiencing recently.

During the daytime the weather has been in the 100’s which is no big deal (well, actually it is but it’s kinda nice), but during the night the temperature hasn’t been slipping down to much lower then 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Normally this would be almost manageable but in addition to the high evening heat, the humidity has also been pretty high which has resulted in a few sticky nights.

The new house we moved into in Kinross has air conditioning in the main living area only (Kitchen, lounge, Dining-room) but nothing in the bedrooms.

We thought about this when we went for the house but decided the house itself offered us more in other areas. We also remembered that when we spent a month in Perth during our Rekkie last February. The house we stayed in in Sorrento, only had a ceiling fan to help dissipate the heat and we managed pretty well.

This was the warmest night we’d experienced whilst staying in Australia and although a couple of fans in each room helped a little it has taught us that when we rent or buy our next house we’ll need to make sure that air con in all rooms is a prerequisite :)

Cat News….well well well..exciting news on the cat front. Both boys have been released into the ‘wild’.

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A good thing about the back garden is that 1) It’s not a bad size (think on the lines of a couple of large tennis courts and 2) it has a large 7 foot high corrugated metal fence all of the way around.

We weren’t really sure if this would keep both cats in but after being in the new house for just over a week we decided to let them have a sniff around.

Letting the cats outside for the first time took me back to the days when we let Charlie out in the garden for the first time when he was still effectively a kitten (remembering that Jeff came to us as an adult cat from my sister). It was a pretty momentous occasion as both cats came out through the back door, blinking in the bright sunshine.

The older cat, Jeff was pretty happy just sniffing around. Charlie on the other hand seemed pretty intent on escape, prowling around the perimeter of the fence looking for weak spots.

Now remembering that we had once seen Charlie spring (and I think spring is a good term here) from the floor in our kitchen to the top of our Fridge freezer in one giant leap. It wasn’t a surprise to see Charlie walk down the side of our house one minute and then return about two minutes later taking his first tentative steps across the TOP of the fence.

We saw him disappear amongst the palm trees in the next door neighbours garden but were happy to see him reappear some ten minutes later.

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Jeff on the other hand remains in the back garden, his springiness has obviously subsided with age although as an ex house cat he’s obviously happy enough taking it easy, enjoying stretching out on the grass with the sun on his back.

Funnily enough, now both cats understand what the big wide world looks like, they very rarely venture outside. Both cats will pop out for a couple of minutes. Realise how warm it is and then come back inside to lay down on the cool tiles in the Kitchen.

No ‘presents’ have been brought back yet although I did see Charlie trying to grapple with a grasshopper the size of a small family car the other day.. no fatalities yet though.

Travelling to work has become an experience. As its a good 25 minutes walk to the train station and the busses appear to arrive at random intervals I have invested in a bike.

Yes I am turning into a right eco warrior, you’ll be hearing stories of me tying myself to tree’s some day soon. The bike journey to the station takes me just under 10 minutes. They have ‘bike lockers’ at the station where I secure my trusty steed during the day.

All I need to do is buy myself a helmet. I wouldn’t have been seen dead with a cycle helmet in the UK but it seems to be all the rage over here. It’s not a law or anything but pretty much all of the health and safety conscious Aussies wear them…just common sense I suppose.

I am a little concerned that even the extra large cycle helmets appear a little tight on my head so I think it’ll be time to pop up to the local cycle shop this weekend to get a proper fitting!

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More news to come :)

Update: Kirsten kindly pointed out in our comments that it is actually against the law to ride a cycle in Western Australuia without a helmet.

So as well as being an Eco warrior, I’m a law breaking rebel as well… Looks like I’ll definately be getting the helmet this weekend then ;)

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