House buyers suck. Frustrations of a first time seller

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Ok, well, that’s a seriously huge sweeping statement, they don’t really suck but we’ve been pretty let down by a couple of folks who have made appointments to View the house.

You get home early to make sure everything looks Ok. Cut the grass, make tea for the little lad so it’s eaten before they turn up, make sure everything’s more spotless then spotless and what happens… You wait for your 6:30 appointment…6:30 comes and goes…6:45 comes and goes 7pm comes and goes and still no viewer.

We’ve also had a few people doing what is now fondly known as ‘drive bys’. Folks driving up to the house, having a good look in, reversing their cars, having an even better look in….(either they are interested in buying the house or looking to rob the place)!

One chap called me over and asked about the price. Said he’d make an appointment (nearly 5 days ago now). Still nothing heard from the estate agent at time of typing.

I guess getting the house on the market was a big target for us. Now the for sale sign is up were back into the waiting game again.. Time to be patient I guess.

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