House still for sale and sad goodbyes

House still for sale and sad goodbyes - Optimized blue ocean1 - Getting Down Under goodbyes

Well, its been a while but thought it may be useful to post an update on what’s going on.

The house is still up for sale but alas, we have had no joy in flogging the property yet. Its been 8 weeks since we first assigned the Halifax as our agent and to be honest the service has been terrible.

I have never dealt with a more reactive company in my life, they don’t seem to do anything unless you actively chase them up. We have had a number of people who have looked slightly interested but then we have had no further feedback.

Phoning the Halifax branch has led to some feedback but that’s only after the staff have gone away (when asked) to collect the feedback which they should have proactively collected in the first place.

Just to add the icing on the cake, we’ve had members of staff crying down the phone because they are stressed. Its been crazy.

Anyway, we’ve got a few more days with the Halifax before our minimum contract period runs out. When it does we’ll be taking our business elsewhere whilst dropping the house price by a couple of percentage points to see if this improves the amount of interest shown.

When selling your property, one tip is to play on the lack of the chain your in. At the end of the day, when you sell your house your ready to move as you don’t need to find another property to buy (not in this country anyway!). Use this to your advantage, although we haven’t sold up yet, many viewers have commented on how good a thing this actually is as it enables potential buyers to be more flexible with moving dates.

In other news, we said our first goodbyes to two close members of our family last week. Holly and Chloe the Chinchillas went to their new home (An old boss and a good friend from work).

Were taking the cats with us to Australia but it wouldn’t be fair to take the ‘chins’. Being native to the Andes mountains in South America means that they may not have adapted to well to the 40 degree heat of Western Australia. We’ve had them for about 10 years now and it was sad to say goodbye. But we know they have gone to a good home (with another 5 Chinchillas!) So I’m confident that we have done the right thing.

On the plus side it means we don’t need to lug a big Chinchilla cage down the side of the house every time we show someone around the place :)
Hopefully my next update will be with more upbeat news!

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