House still on the market – price reducton looming

made the move to australia

Well, a short update just to say that we are still hanging in there.

Since the first wave of viewings things have started to go extremely quiet on the house sale front.

It seems when the house is advertised in the local paper it generates a lot of interest and we normally have a few bookings to follow. When the house isn’t been advertised in the local press then we are reliant on folks browsing the web or popping into the local estate agent looking for properties in the area.

We’re still keeping our chins up but it may soon be time to drop the price of the house by a couple of thousand to see if this raises any additional interest.

I’ll also need to speak to the estate agent to see how frequently we can stick the house in the papers as paying for a few extra ads in the paper may be worth it if we don’t need to wipe to much of the value of our house.

Its strange but our whole mindset has changed now. Ultimately when we emigrate to Australia every penny we can make out of our house will be an extra penny to live off and invest. If we can save knocking £3000 off the price of the house then we can use that £3000 to pay for all of our plane tickets.

If we can make an extra £700 that would pay for a months rent..that kind of thing.

We do know that it will happen but its just a case of when and keeping motivated during these times is pretty hard. We WILL get there eventually though :)

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