How Many points Do You Need to Receive An Australian Visa Invitation
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How Many points Do You Need to Receive An Australian Visa Invitation?

We Take A look At The Latest Invitation Rounds

The Australian Government recently published the dates and points (scores) associated with Invitation rounds issued for Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189) and Skilled Regional (provisional) visa (subclass 489).

The invitation rounds, which are held once a month, result in candidates who have completed an expression of interest being invited to apply for an Australian Visa.

How are Australian EOI applicants selected to receive an invitation?

As part of the invitation round selection process, the Australian government ranks applicants by the number of points scored. Those with the highest points score get selected to apply first.

Where candidates have scored an equal number of points, the time at which they reached their points score (referred to as the date of effect) determines their order of invitation.

Expressions of Interest with earlier dates of effect will receive invitations to apply before invitations are issued to applicants with later dates.

Invitation numbers in each round may vary depending on the number of applications being processed by the department though it’s worth noting that State or territory government nominations for Skilled Regional (Provisional) visas (subclass 489) are not usually impacted.

It’s also woth noting that due to high levels of demand, and in keeping with previous years, the below occupation groups have been subject to pro rata arrangements to ensure availability of invitations across the program year.

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EOI Invitation Round – 11 December 2018

The table below shows the volume of invitations issued in the SkillSelect invitation round on 11 December 2018. In total, 2,500 invitations were issued with the majority being to applicants applying under the skilled independent category.

How many points do candidates require to receive an Australian Visa invitation?

The following graph shows the number of points scored by candidates who were invited to apply in the 11 December 2018 invitation round.

Australia Visa invitation by point score graph

As you can see, to be successful in receiving an invitation, these candidates needed to score quite a high number of points, with the lowest number of points being 70 and the average being 75 points! Accountants and Auditors required the most points (minimum 80 points).

This high score would suggest that competition amongst applicants in the accountancy profession is currently quite high. Those looking to gain an Australian Visa in the engineering profession are also requiring a high points score with a minimum of 75 points being required during the latest round (see table below for more details).

Its worth noting that the more popular the occupation, the higher the competition. The higher the competition, the higher the likelihood that you will need more points to qualify for an invitation.

You can read more about the Top 10 most Popular Australian Visa occupations here

The date of effect for those receiving invitations under the subclass 189 visa stream was the 22 November 2018.

December 2018 EOI Invitation Results Points Score

The minimum number of points required for candidates applying under the Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 489) was 80 points with those receiving invitations being those who achieved their points score around 19th August 2018.

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Summary of the Invitations issued during 2018-19 program year

The below table summaries the number of Australian visa invitations issued during the 2018-2019 program year.

The below figures do not include invitations issued for State and Territory Governments nominated visa subclasses. State and Territory Governments nominate throughout the month for specific points tested skilled migration and business innovation and investment visas.

Summary of the Invitations issued during 2018-19 program year
Summary of the Invitations issued during 2018-19 program year

So how does this effect you? Do the number of points scare you or are those currently receiving invitations to apply for an Australian Visa  aligned with your own points score?

Let us know below in our comments.

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