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How much does it cost to use a Migration Agent?

Going it alone or choosing to use a Migration Agent is often one of the first questions people ask themselves when looking to migrate to Australia.

One of the benefits of doing everything yourselves is the costs, however for some, getting an Australian Immigration Agent to do the leg work for you is the preferred, although slightly more costly option.


How much does it cost to use a Migration Agent?

The Migration Agents’ Registration Authority collects data from registered agents each year to compile a table of average fees.

It’s updated table is below and sets out the average fees charged by 70% of registered agents between September 2009 and August 2010. (Note: Fees quoted are in Australian Dollars and include GST)


Why do Migration Agent fees vary?

Fees charged for work performed can vary as a result of a number of factors.

A Registered Migration Agent might charge lower fees due to:

  • their inexperience as an agent
  • the desire to enter a particular market 
  • their desire to assist in unusual circumstances
  • the ease of that particular application
  • the applicant having already partly completed the assignment
  • the current marketplace fee levels.

An agent might charge higher fees due to:

  • their level of experience as a senior registered migration agent
  • the specific difficulties or complexities of a particular case
  • the costs associated with running a larger business or practice
  • the desire of the applicant for high personal levels of service

When obtaining any quotes from a registered migration agent, ensure you check whether there are additional charges that are not included in the quoted fees, for example; photocopying, phone calls and couriers.

 Before choosing your agent, remember to check out our guide on How To Choose a Registered Migration Agent and please feel free to join our community of wannabe Aussie’s where you can ask any questions if you should have them.

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    1. I like that you listed some circumstances that may cause a migration agent to charge more or less for their service. I think it’s interesting that some agents might charge less if they’re trying to assist in unusual circumstances. I’m guessing that they would do that to expand their resume and be able to gain experience to use later on. Thanks for the article!

    2. Very informative post. You have made some interesting points and I especially found it useful where you stated the reasons why agents might charge higher prices, which is useful as there can be such a difference in prices.

      The comment by Piers mentions its not worth using an agent, which is probably accurate for some people surely it would depend on each case as some may be more difficult than others and may need expert help?

      • Time and inclination are indeed often the key Vanessa :)

        Although we moved without the help of an agent, it was a pretty tough journey (but worth it).

        A knowlegable and well informed and responsible agent would have certainly helped us through the process but I’m not sure it Would justify the $$ (for us at least)

        Moving to the other side of the world is an expensive process and for some the fee’s you’d pay to an agent are less than you’d pay for a good holiday. For complicated cases a well informed agent can bea super hero and might certainly justify the cost.

        Each application would be different I guess



    3. hello piers,

      thanks for the feedback,i am from nigeria and my husband and i have our skills on the SOL, will you be willing to chat or email me, so as to give me a few pointers on how to go through the migration process without an agent?


    4. I have been living in the Philippines for 2 years, got married here 1 year ago, and my wife and I have just received her Australian visa today and will journey back home shortly.

      I write here simply to inform any prospective Australian visa applicants that they do NOT need to use an agent, despite often being told it will make it easier.

      The Australian Embassy communicated with us via email throughout the application process as much or even more than our agent, who in the end acted as a glorified postal service. We assumed the agent would have experience in helping people obtain visas, and at least know which documents were required to be submitted. They seemed to know initially, and then after months of getting all the documents together, and some sent from Australia, the Embassy informed us they would need further documents which the agent should have known about. Had we simply started the process immediately when we wanted to, the Embassy would have replied to us much earlier, telling us exactly what they would need, and we would have obtained the visa months earlier.

      I only hope that other people are not made to believe that using an agent will make the process shorter or easier, as in our exprience not only was this not the case, it was actually made longer, more costly, stressful and difficult.

      For what it’s worth, the agent we used was in Cebu and was called: Ultimate Visa

      • hello piers,

        i have read your post and would like to inquire regarding the application for an australian visa because my husband is planning to take me on his 457 visa, I am a filipina presently im here in saudi working as a nurse and would like to be with my husband.because we are also planning to search for an agent to help us because we really dont know what are the steps to take.
        i would greatly appreciate your help of any information regarding this matter.

        thank you so much

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