How Much Can You Earn On A Working Holiday Visa In Australia

How Much Can You Earn On A Working Holiday Visa In Australia?

If you are looking to travel to Australia on a working holiday visa, you may be wondering how much you can earn on your Working Holiday Visa while in Australia.

At the end of the day, all this travel, exploring and partying won’t be cheap right? It makes sense, therefore, to do a little homework, to better understand how much money you can expect to make during your holiday time down under, before taking the plunge and booking your tickets.

We’ve researched many sources for this information; however, if you are reading this having had the first-hand experience of travelling to Australia on a Working Holiday Visa, we’d love to hear from you in our comments at the bottom of this article. 😃

How much can you earn on a working holiday in Australia?

To begin with, you’ll be pleased to know that many of the job opportunities available for Working Holiday Visa holders in Australia pay higher wages than you’ll find in other countries around the world.

At the time of typing (October 2020), the national minimum wage is $19.84 per hour or $753.80 per week (Australian Dollars). Working Holiday Visa employees are entitled to this minimum pay rate; additionally, you can expect at least a 25 per cent casual loading added to their pay.

With regards to how much can you earn in Australia when doing certain jobs. Let’s dig into some of the more popular occupations for Working Holiday Visa holders here in Australia.

Bar Staff Hospitality Staff Salaries Earnings Working Holiday Visa Holders

Bar staff / Waiting / Hospitality Staff Salaries for working holiday visa holders:

If you enjoy dealing with (sometimes drunk) members of the general public, working in the hospitality industry may be an option for you.

Hospitality staff on Working Holiday visas in metropolitan areas in Australia can expect to earn anywhere from $20 – $24. Some bars will also throw in tips and free or discounted meals.

Hospitality jobs down under, along with a few other industries, sometimes even offer ‘penalty rates’ for working on weekends or public holidays, which can bump the figures as high as AUD 37.95 per hour. Tips can often equate to $50 – $200p/w.

In outback areas, you will receive anywhere between $200 – $300 a week, plus all meals and accommodation. Working full-time hours in either location would roughly equate to the same take home at the end of each week.

Before you can start serving drinks, you’ll need to complete your Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) training, which teaches the regulations around alcohol in Australia. Anyone responsible for selling or serving alcohol in Australia must take RSA training and receive an RSA certificate.

Spain Added to Australia's working holiday program

An RSA certificate can range in cost depending on the state and package you choose; however, you will soon cover this cost with your earnings. Expect to pay AUD 25 to $150 depending on the state and package chosen.

Be sure you complete your training through a certified provider to ensure your certificate is valid.

Harvest work / Fruit picking Salaries:

Fruit Picking Salaries Working Holiday Visa AustraliaThis kind of work is normally paid on a piece-rate (also called “money per bin); therefore, hard work and long hours can see you earning $800-$1000 per week.  Take a laid back approach, and you will earn around $400-$600.

Fruit picking on Australian farms is popular among working holiday makers, especially because eligible work in remote parts of the country allow those on working holiday visas (Subclass 417 and Subclass 462) to stay for an additional year.

The downside for Working holiday visa holders doing harvest or fruit picking work is that It requires a lot of physical strength and you need to prepare to work outdoor, including under the hot sun and even during downpours of rain (yes, it does sometimes rain in Australia)! 😊

Farming Salaries for Backpackers and Working Holiday Visas holders:

A little like the fruit picking jobs mentioned above, farm work is often a popular choice for working holiday visa holders as work is either paid on an hourly basis or by how much fruit is picked. This means that the harder and longer you work, the more you’ll earn.

Wages for farming are often supplied with accommodation and food. You, therefore, will earn a package for the week of anywhere between $200 and $400. Experienced workers or those with tractor driving experience can receive over $750p/w with some jobs offering weekly/monthly salaries ranging between $800-$1200 per week (but this is less common).

Office / Administration Salaries – Working Holiday Visas:

How Much Can I Earn In Australia On A Working Holiday Visa
With plenty of time to have a swim in the warm ocean or enjoy drinks by the beach after work, the regular working schedule of an administration/office role may be for you.

Pay for even basic administration roles such as data entry or a general admin assistant is very good in Australia. You’ll earn a minimum of $20 an hour, and this can go up to $28 or more! Administration support roles are even more lucrative than reception or data entry roles, paying anywhere from AUD 28 to $45 per hour, depending on the skills they bring to the job (such as MS PowerPoint and Excel).

Most roles are full time which is great if you are looking for a job with a regular 9 – 5 schedule. This way, once you finish work, you will have plenty of time to have a swim in the warm ocean or enjoy drinks by the beach after work.

Apart from its decent pay, you can also enjoy the company’s extra perks such as medical benefits, team luncheons, special holiday bonus or more, depending on the company’s policy. Similar to customer service or telemarketers (below), you can work in a comfortable office environment.

Au Pair / Childcare Salary potential working holiday visa holders:

Remuneration packages vary depending on whether the position is live-in or live-out. With live-in positions you are supplied with all accommodation, food and up to $500 a week, depending on the number of hours you are required to work. If the position is live-out, then you are normally paid an hourly wage in the region of $20 – $22.Depending on the job, you may need a current first aid qualification as well as a Working with Children check (each state will have unique requirements, so it’s best to apply for this when you know where you’ll be living). Expect to pay between AUD 80 and $125 for your Working with Children check and between AUD 70 and $160 for your first aid course depending on the training you choose.

Tourism Australia Plugs Working Holiday Visa Video
Au Pair Childcare Salary Earnings Working Holiday Visa Holders
If you’re good with children, spending time on your working holiday visa as an Au Pair could be the job for you with some good earning potential

While you may need to fork out a few upfront costs to get qualified for this role, you should be able to cover your investment quickly. Take the time to discuss not only your pay but your schedule, meals and lifestyle with your prospective family. The general guidance to families is that a routine week should be no more than 35 hours and that weekends are kept free, except for occasional babysitting, so that the au pair can enjoy time with friends, exploring Australia.

After all, if you are travelling to Australia, you want to opportunity to enjoy it right?

Trades & Labour earning potential for Working Holiday Visa Holders:

This industry’s wages are highly dependent on skills and experience. As a basic entry-level with your boots and a ‘white card,’ you’ll earn around $20 an hour. Bring with your skills, experience and knowledge, though, and your wage can exceed $35 an hour or more!

Working Holiday Visa Earning Potential Construction
You can earn good money in construction on your working holiday visa but don’t forget your ‘white card.’

A White Card course generally takes only one day to complete and typically costs less than AUD 50. Some classes may include a personal equipment pack for an additional cost, which provides equipment like gloves, boots and safety glasses.

In addition to plentiful work, the working holiday construction jobs allow you to move around the country and improve your skills. If you are on a Working Holiday visa (Subclass 417), you may even qualify for a second-year visa if you complete three months of eligible work in a regional area.

Accountancy Jobs For Backpackers:

Most jobs in accountancy tend to be basic entry-level roles. However, the numbers still stack up and will see you earning anywhere between $25 and $35 an hour! If Sydney is going to be a target location for you when travelling to Australia, then you may have several options available.

Because backpacking is such a common occurrence in Sydney, most employers are used to having short-term accounting professionals in their teams. Backpackers and working holiday visa holders are often brought in to meet seasonal demands or to fill workforce gaps. The length of the contract can vary, from days to months, but always within the constraints of your visa.

Telemarketing Jobs For Working Holiday Visa Holders:

Telemarketing roles are paid at both a base wage and a base wage with a commission on top. Base wage is normally around $22 – $25 an hour, with commissions taking you over $1,000 a week. The average Telemarketing salary in Australia is currently $25.33 per hour.

As a telemarketer, you will generally be responsible for calling potential customers over the telephone. Once you have a customer on the phone, you’ll be responsible for persuading potential customers to buy services or products by following a prepared sales pitch with product information and price quotes.

You might need a thick skin for this type of role as depending on the product you are selling; your success ration may be quite low. If you can sell ice to Eskimos, the salary and earning potential can be quite high!

Sales / Promotion salaries for backpackers in Australia:

Businesses in Australia are on the lookout for customer service and sales assistants more than ever and welcome working holiday Visa holders to apply.

Changes To Australian Working Holiday Visa Would Boost Economy

There is a mixture of roles paying base rate plus commission or commission only. Base rate plus commission roles tend to offer $20 – $22 as a base.

The commission only based roles should be treated with caution. They claim you’ll earn over $1,000 a week, but this is not for everyone as you can work hard but earn very little.

Nursing / Healthcare earning potential for working holiday visa holders:

With modern hospitals and best facilities, Australia remains one of the best countries with high regard for medical care. Good nurse-to-patient ratios are evident, giving each patient the quality care and support that they need.

Excellent benefits and pay are available to nurses, and workforce diversity is a good factor. This industry pays well in Australia, and you can expect to earn anything from $25 – $50 per hour.

As a registered nurse with overseas qualifications, you’ll need to register with the Nurses Registration Board (AHPRA) in any state (a similar organisation to the NMC in the UK) as registration is countrywide.

If your initial training as a nurse or undergraduate degree was undertaken in Canada, Hong Kong, Ireland, Republic of South Africa, Singapore, the Netherlands (HBO programs), the United Kingdom, and the United States of America, then there is a good chance that you will be qualified for direct entry onto the Australian board register.

How to Find Working Holiday Jobs In Australia

This is an easy one – Check out our working holiday job boards here on getting down under. The last 6 jobs we posted are are listed below. Click the load more jobs button to view more jobs or click here to go to our main working holiday jobs pages.

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Still, Wondering How Much Can You Earn On A Working Holiday Visa In Australia?

If you still have questions or comments regarding how much you can earn while spending time backpacking in Australia on your working holiday visa, please feel free to post them below.

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Please visit the Fair Work Ombudsman website for complete details on minimum wage and workers’ rights in Australia:

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