How much house can you get for £150,000 in Perth

The Cost To Build This House In Perth Is Approx £200K The Land However In A Nice Area Will Be Much More Expensive

Ok, now I have finally got around uploading a few photos I thought I’d share with you some of the picture that I took inside a show house that we visited in Perth.

Nice aren’t they!

The Cost To Build This House In Perth Is Approx £200K The Land However In A Nice Area Will Be Much More Expensive

The majority of the photos (except the last one) are of a house that would set you back approx £150,000! (Edit. Most of the images broke so I had to remove them) :(

Now before you get too excited. This is just for the bricks and mortar; it doesn’t include the price of the land that you stick your house on.

In this case, the houses were located just outside Hillary’s boat Harbour near Sorrento.

They were about a two minute walk from Hillary’s and some the most beautiful beaches in the world (well, in my opinion anyway).

The first of these houses would set you back approx £250,000 the house in the picture above (with the kitchen to die for) would set you back a cool $Million. (Approx £400k at time of typing).

This seems to be how the housing market works in Aus. You could buy a beautiful house for £150 and stick it on a plot of land costing you approx £30 – £40k in an average area a very long way away from the beach.

When your buying land in the sought after areas, you could be looking at £100 – £200k just for the land so the cheap houses (all of a sudden) don’t appear that cheap.

By UK standards, the cost of brick and mortar is cheap. It’s the costs of the land which is steadily increasing as time goes on.

It also seems that Perth and surrounding areas have a massive shortage in skilled labour (good news for all you brickies!) The agent we spoke to for both houses said it would take nearly two years for either of these properties to be built for us.

Having said that, the in-laws who immigrated to Sydney earlier this year have put down a deposit for a new house which they have been told will be ready before Christmas.

Its all swings and roundabouts I guess based on the part of Australia you’ll end up emigrating to.

Click on the thumbnail images for a bigger version of each picture.

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