How to AGREE and DISAGREE in IELTS Speaking

How To Agree And Disagree In Ielts Speaking - Ielts Speaking Videos - July 2022

In this video, we’ll show you a wide range of simple, natural ways to agree and disagree in English, so you can get a higher score in the IELTS Speaking test.

Listen, most people learn how to agree or disagree in English by learning expressions from a book – things like… “I agree up to a point but I have my reservations”

But that’s not how we speak real English, not naturally.

So, knowing how to agree and disagree naturally is a key part of IELTS Speaking, especially in Part 3, so today,

Are you ready?

Topics covered in this video:

00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:41 Kinds of questions for (dis)agreement
00:03:49 How to agree
00:05:35 Agreeing strongly
00:08:18 Agreeing a little
00:11:34 How to disagree

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  1. I have come across many many speaking related videos. And trust me this one is the best! So standard and effective. This way of explanation is great.

  2. In IELTS speaking, can we give opinions like Firstly, Secondly,… Finally then closing like: In short or To sum up,.. such as writing test ,Mr.Keith?

  3. What a useful video! Thank you so much, Keith. This does help me a lot when I do the part 3 in the Speaking test! :D

  4. I am totally over the moon everytime I watch your vids because I learned a lot.I am realy grateful and appreciative of your generousity Sir .

  5. Thanks a lot Keith. I enjoy and learn a lot by watching your videos!

  6. Hey Keith, You're so Amazing…I Just love watching you… it's a great fun learning with you. :) Thanks for posting a video. ❤️