How to Apply for Series 7 of the BBC’s Wanted Down Under

How to Apply for Series 7 of the BBC's Wanted Down Under

How to Apply for Series 7 of the BBC's Wanted Down UnderWanted Down Under continues to be spiking a lot of interest and an effort to help answer some of the recent comments from GDU visitors looking to apply for future shows, I thought I’d include instructions to help those looking to apply.

We can confirm that the BBC are looking for contributors for Series 7 of Wanted Down Under; People who are seriously considering making a move to Australia or New Zealand in the near future and are looking for help with making that decision.

Here’s what the Beeb say you have to do if you want to apply to appear on Series 7 of Wanted Down Under

Should you wish to be considered, please send us your full details (as required below). This information will be assessed and kept on file. If we feel we can take your application further we may be in touch with an application form for more details. If you have recently sent in an application form and we have not been in touch then unfortunately you have not been successful on this occasion.

Before you consider applying please make sure you meet the following criteria:

– Age: The main visa applicant must be under 50 for Australia or under 56 for New Zealand.

– Profession: Your job MUST be on the skills shortage list for either Australia or New Zealand.

– The main applicants must both be GENUINELY considering emigrating; THIS IS NOT a free holiday. Filming in the UK and Australia can be intense and the days are often long. Applicants need to be flexible, committed and open.

– Filming in the UK often occurs during the week, so this may require you to take a day or two off work.

– Filming in Australia/New Zealand will be over a week in 2012

We will not consider people who do not meet ALL of the criteria. If you think that you do, please provide us with the following information so we are able to consider you for future series;

Details we need to know:

– Names and ages of those members of the family considering emigrating.

– Contact details, including daytime telephone numbers and address.

– The area in which you currently live.

– The destination you are considering.

– A brief description of your job (particularly for the possible visa applicant).

– The main factors behind your desire to emigrate.

– Any issues holding you back.

– What stage, if any, you are at in the visa application process.

All details will be kept on file for future reference but not shared with any third party.

Please be aware that we receive many thousands of applications and it is impossible for us to enter into individual correspondence with everyone who writes in. If you do not hear back from us please assume you have not been selected on this occasion.

So there we go. Email your details to :

Update: as of 3rd February, applications for series 7 of Wanted Down Under are now closed. Sorry you didn’t get much time this time around guys!

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sue purohit

hi would love to be an embalmer in new zealand i am fully qualified and got my bie qualification

angela Regan

Hi we are in process of applying for our visas, we think that WDU would be great for us? We went out in 2003 but came home after 6 months. Now we’ve a family we want the aussi lifestyle for them. Is there a new series expected that we could apply for.

Sophie Luck

I have just applied even tho the closing date has finished just hope that me and my little family stand out for future series. I am Sophie (24) my husband Stephen (27) and we have two children George and Theo. fingers crossed ey and good luck to everyone else. xx


Would love to start a new life with my family my husband is looking for a cable jointing job in australia can you help please. Xx

darren newton

I would like to apply to apear on the program as i have already got my vesa and a job lined up and the problem we have is getting any estate agents to speak to us also saling or letteng my propity in the uk is becoming a bind. Getting on the program would be great as we have never been to new zealand and i beleave we would be good for the show


hi mark, not too many people seem to be reading your comments and they fail to see that you are only helping us out not working for wdu. well i appreciate all your replies. obviously, im about 7 months too late! lol however i did send an email anyway and hopefully they will consider me for future shows, what i wanted to ask, is if a series 8 does come about, how do i find out at the earliest possible time to apply again?


Sooo excited!! applied last November for WDU filmed at home and were told unsuccessful in January. However, just received a phone call in a whirl of arrangements we have filming this week at home then off to Perth next Thursday, dont give up if you apply they do keep your applcation on file . Gill

Fiona stewart

Hi I’m so disappointed that series7 is full.didn’t no how to apply and came across this website only last nite.would like to apply for 2013 name is Robert Stewart I’m 39 and my wife is 42.Have 2 kids age 11&6.I’m a maintenance fitter and my wife is a full time wife Fiona has been desperate to go to Australia and live but I havent been so keen.I want to go and see if yous can change my mind and give my family a better life.we aren’t getting any younger so could you please put us on your next… Read more »

Michelle Manock

Hi Mark I have sent an email I am aware that the applications for ‘Wanted down under’ series seven are now closed, however I would really appreciate you giving my email your fullest consideration for this series or future series. My husband John is 38 years and I’m 32 years we have 3 children Hannah age 6 Charlotte age 4 and Joseph 7 months old. John is a senior railway signalling project engineer and I am Primary School teacher. There are life changing job opportunities for John and he wont really consider making the move because he has never been… Read more »

Helena Roberts

Im so desperate to make the big move to Australia. After 4 years of thought between me and my husband we have decided this would be a great oppurtunity but need to visit Australian schools, workplace and universitys to be 100% sure. Hopefull with in the next couple of years we will be there. Im just woundering how you apply for the next wanted down under???


I am a fond follower of wanted down under and have found most of the applicants to be time wasters!!! Please review criteria for this show – there are a few more serious candidates for this show….I am a nurse and my husband a painter and decorator and we have alot more dedication/commitment to actually giving it a bash as opposed to the people who have actually made it on the show!!! Employ professionals who can depict the difference when shortlistings are made!!


Disappointed missed deadline. Was only saying to Friend a few days ago I was thinking of applying. Only just found time to look into it tonight….seems too late. A move to Oz has been one of My longest standing ambitions….better life for My 2 Beautiful Children. Perhaps next time…..if I remember to apply in time! Any guidelines on when the 2013 application start date may be? Thanks.

Richard Owen

My wife and I have turned 40 & have a beutiful 4yr old daughter & would like to make a new life for us and her in Australia.

We all love the outdoors and feel that we would have a new lease of life moving to Aus.

I am an electrical engineer within the NHS and my wife is a hairdresser.

What will be important to us both is that we can continue to work within our fields.

Please help to make our dream come true.

Many Thanks

Richard Iwen

Steve Bailey

Hi Mark,

I have just submitted an application but received an autiomated response saying applications are now closed!! Nightmare, when did they close?

vicki forrester

hi mark, i have just sent an email for applying for series 7, i have just had a reply telling me applications have already closed for series 7, is this correct and uf so do i have to send another email for series 8, i only thought it got posted a couple of days ago and didnt realise the closing date would be so soon.

Sacha Corrado

Hi Mark
I have just submitted my application and already I have had an email back saying that applications have now closed!! – is this correct? Such a short window of opportunity
Really disappointed


Well am super excited to say application has now gone off, yeayyyyyyyy, feel like I have all butterflies in my tummy (don’t think I was this anxious on my wedding day). Both myself and my husband have re-trained to get us and our familly to australia as although I have over 10 years in sales and marketing (6 of which as a regional business manager) and this role is on the SOL schedule 2 I felt that we would have a better chance if I was a secondary teacher in the sciences and ICT as these are on the shortage… Read more »


Ah I am absolutely gutted as I just received an auto responce back saying that the applications process for series 7 is now closed, so, so gutted :-(

I a 44 year old American, met a real woman from Australia going on 4 years ago, talk to her everyday and every night, from the beginning of our time. I install, fire/security systems, a welder, tower climber, auto mechanic, I’ve done electrical, all this for at least 5 years as well as fork truck driver. I am now going for my CDL Permit. I have been to Australia twice and loved it both times. I want to move there…don’t know how, but I’m going to try. This time when I go to visit, I will be looking for a… Read more »

Amanda Carlill

Application now submitted!
Fingers, toes and other body bits all crossed that we are chosen as we are so confused and think this programme could sort that confusion out once and for all.


i can not seem to find the link which allows you to apply for the show, could you please help me. thanks

keziah mcbeath

hello.How do i apply ??Do u have an address as the links just take you back to the start. Many thanks.x

daryl parham

hi i am 34 from heybridge in essex.i live with my partner sally clark 46 and 2 step daughters chloe 21 and sophie 15.we would like to go to perth as i have been there 3 times as i have family in high wycombe and forrestfield.i was going to apply to immigrate to australia after my last trip 6 years ago but i met sally and the girls who have never been before.i feel this program might be my best chance to convince my family perth is the best move for us as sally has reservations about leaving her family… Read more »

gary davison

we r also looking for a better way of life for our kids the future not looking good for our kids and feel that the time is now im39 natashas 37 hope to here from u

gary davison

we r a working family in the uk we have two boys aged 6 and 11 i have an NVQ 2 3 in solid plastering in the building sector,and my wifes is a teacher my works is suffering in the uk with the re seshion. weve been looking to emigrate to austrailia for at least 2 years,but now r realy serious about making the move aderlaide is our number one place that we would like to move to or even queensland,we have friends over there,they have been there for five years now and r loving it,we r a family that… Read more »

Olga Kanishcheva


I’ve been waiting for a chance to apply to appear on next series of Wanted down under. And here i could find info about what you need on application, but i went through the article quite a few times and couldnt find any link or email address where to send my details. Could you please point it out?

Thank you

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