How to improve your IELTS Speaking at Home

How To Improve Your Ielts Speaking At Home - Ielts Preparation Videos - July 2022

IELTS Speaking : Learn the best way to improve your IELTS speaking for free at home. This lesson gives advice and tips to develop your fluency and other speaking skills to get a better score in your IELTS speaking test Learn how to improve your IELTS speaking answers based on the criteria used by the examiner in your IELTS test. For IELTS speaking topics and questions visit my blog:

How to improve your IELTS Speaking at Home

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  1. It's very supportive to self study while we struggling work and study. Pls put more simple to understand.

  2. The problem is that it's hard to not use Emmm and aah if you're not a native speaker.

  3. Mam plz tell that use of idom is increase band score in writing and speaking

  4. the issue, nobody considering your imagination in that exam. What if I dont have it? So I cant answer to that particular question because I have no imagination or real knowledge of it. For example I had a question about a project job which we had in university and which I did with my team (other students). I never had any project work in my university life and never worked with any team of students to solve it. So how I could discuss about it – I have to lie. And what to do if I have a poor imagination?((

  5. Hi,
    While giving IELTS, if I come across a topic which I am totally unfamiliar with, what do you think I should do in that situation?

  6. hlo mam i m ur new i was finding something about ielts speaking at that time i found ur channel which is great rather than other channels on youtube…ur video is informative nowadays i m doing preparation of ielts exam i think ur ideas can be helpful for me thx a lot mam…ur the superb teacher…

  7. hix, i don't have an own phone so it's extremely challenging for me to record my voice.

  8. I’m subscribed now! I sit the exam on March and want to get a perfect score (band 8.5 at least). I have C1 already, any advice or source where I can find what I need? Something like a book named ‘How to achieve C2 level in the CEFR’ or ‘Get a band 9 in IELTS’ would do, xd. Regards.

  9. what abt the accent? Does it have any effect on our band scores, or is it just the pronunciation in that case? Thank u

  10. I would like to know one thing about speaking, will we get a topic on the spot or we can prepare our own topic prior to the test?

  11. Mam in the first part of speaking the examiner ignored that I am talking and moved to the next question…how good or bad is that

    In the 2nd part I went blank after a minute or so…. I want to know can we use examples in that.
    I want 7778 please help.

  12. Is there anyone who can help me to develop my speaking skill??
    I was Desperately seeking someone who willingly talk with me and will help me to mark my faults. Please reply if anyone interested. Your little cooperation may help me to achieve my ultimate goal. Thanks.

  13. Thank you for the lecture it is very interesting and informative. Will you provide a video on How to overcome Hesitation ? Please
    Because m doing very well in writing, reading and listening, the only where I facing hurdles is speaking and I think this is all because of hesitation . I hope that you will reply, thank you again

  14. how to solve my problem that all sentences of speaking is in my mind but when i start to speak , iam getting confusion