Best Destinations In Melbourne To Visit

HOW TO TRAVEL MELBOURNE (Best Destinations and Prices)

Melbourne Australia is an incredible destination for travellers, foodies and nature seekers SO I wanted to make a travel guide for it. From the vibrancy of the downtown CBD to the picturesque Great Ocean Road, there is something for everyone here.

We hope you enjoyed this video titled HOW TO TRAVEL MELBOURNE. Though our video guides are designed to provide further understanding into what it might be like to live in the state of Victoria, we’re hopeful that this video will also help you to choose places to visit (or even call home) when living in Australia.

Have you visited MELBOURNE before?

Have you visited the location featured in our video before? What did you think? Would you go back? Could you live there?

We’d love to hear your views so please share these in our comments below.

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i love little cupcakes

Dream Country ❤️

I hate how he says Yarra valley

That's just amazing !

Chadstone shopping centre in Melbourne, biggest shopping centre in Australia

Here it’s 4 seasons in a day

Don’t worry if you don’t see any kangaroos I live here and I probably only see kangaroos like once a month

I’m only here bc I might go to Melbourne or Gold Coast next month and I’m so exited

I,m a DJ in Melbourne and live o the Mornington Peninsula. Theres a huge nightlife and club world in Melbourne and in Summer everyone heads to one of the hundreds of beaches around the bay and the Peninsula. You captured Melbourne pretty well though, great job.

You can only watch a footy game in melbourne haha

I’m from Fitzroy Melbourne au

Can't visit Melbourne and not visit Philip Island and the worlds smallest penguins :) … and no Koala visit???

HOW TO TRAVEL MELBOURNE: You don't unless you want to simulate Beijing, South Sudan or New Delhi

I Prefer Sydney over Melbourne any day! <3

I lived in Melbourne. I'm from Vancouver. I miss it. However, it's pronounced "melbin"

Did you go to Luna park?

I can't believe you guys didn't go to St Kilda Beach? It's only 20 minutes from the cbd and it's the best bay side suburb.

Here in India we get 126 GB of high speed data in 400 INR ( 8 Australian Dollars!!!) , (if you don't believe then you can also check plans online)

I didn’t even know our China town was the second oldest in the world!!

In a city
I sTiLl hAveNt SeEn aNy KaNgArOo's

I live in the literal country lmao (the town 'Hay' if you've heard of it which is very flat and dry

I literally get kangaroos in my backyard lol

You don't find kangaroo in the streets you need to go to the country like Yarrawonga I know cuz I live in Melbourne

I loved this so so much! It’s so interesting to see Melbourne through the eyes of a traveller, and even though I live here you have inspired me to explore more of this beautiful city ❤️ thank you for sharing Melbourne with the world, this video is incredible ❤️

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