IELTS – 5 best tips | How to improve your score quickly

IELTS – 5 best tips | How to improve your score quickly - IELTS – 5 best tips How to improve your - Getting Down Under IELTS, ielts listening, ielts speaking, ielts writing, IELTS-Test

What does an IELTS score depend on? On your English skills, of course. And how well you’re prepared for the test. So today I’m gonna give you 5 best tips how to improve your score quickly.

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I work with many international students who take IELTS to study in the UK. 6 years ago I took an IELTS test myself with just a couple of weeks of preparation and scored 7.5. So today I’ll share with you some tips that will help you to get a higher score.

Understand the test structure
Learn to manage your time
Find our the requirements
Practice a lot
Don’t panic!

If you’re preparing for IELTS right now and you want to achieve the best possible result, watch my video with many more tips and strategies for each task. It’s more than 20 min long but it’s packed with good stuff.

How to prepare for IELTS in 7 days and score 7.5

Thank you for watching!

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IELTS – 5 best tips | How to improve your score quickly

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    Elmira Mussina

    Hi! Can you help me please?

    Yashan Gill

    Very beneficial video

    Master Zahid

    thanks alot for this informative vedio

    Livre Mosca

    Dear Asya, I’m really interested in your opinion about the Cambridge exams (CAE and CPE in particular). What are their pros and cons compared to IELTS? Which one is more beneficial for future life and studies? Thank you in advance

    Lucas Ferreira Batista

    If you want speaking and writing WhatsApp me +5564992031173

    Sanndheep kumar

    I really like your videos, Thanks for all the help you are doing for everyone. Do you have a video for General test taker's writing -1 exam ? I believe it will be a letter.

    Bhanu Naidu

    Hi I am preparing for ielts. I am not able to score minimum band in exam can you help me any other media so that I can talk to u !!! I hope this will reach you ! I improved other parts listening to your videos but this writing has became head ache to me!

    Sheetal Pandya Sharma

    In my speaking test, I'm satisfied with my response; but, just with one things I'm confused. I kept on speaking more than 2 minutes on the given topic; where the instructor said I was done and I stopped. Would this affect my score adversely?

    The Anti-Hero

    I have my exam on sep 9th and I a didnt practice any sections
    Hope i will get mu required score

    Faheem Zafar

    Thanks for guide and tips. I observed, during listening we have to keep focus on listening conversation and reading questions both at the same time. Now, how to multi-task efficiently, could you help please.

    hazal chebah

    thank you so much for your information.

    Preeti Rai

    I hope improvement in me
    With your video

    Preeti Rai

    Please help me

    Waleed Aldikhary

    All of your tips about IELTS are really great and helpful, many many many Thanks.

    Leonardo Arico

    the book is on the table
    how many word's do we have in the phrase?
    2 or 6?

    march n

    thank for your video , does help me a lot, i will have my first ielts test next Friday.

    Elshad Oruc

    what's difference between general and academic Ielts exam??please share a video about it.Thanks

    Mohamed Mahmoud

    I'm really thankful for you. I've just watched both of your videos. Now, I'm preparing for my IELTS so, I'll let you know what happened, can I?

    Alina Sadykova

    Many thanks! Great tips.

    Shahriar Alam

    I heard that now-a-day the three passages of reading section are not sequentially appear, the first may most difficult one so for the others. is it true? If true then how I manage my time for reading section? Is there any clue to understand which one is harder?

    Isrra Ali

    So the key to success and getting high score is by practice more and more

    jawhar lawer

    thank you for is very useful.