IELTS Academic Writing Task 1 #E2Tasks with Alex

Ielts Academic Writing Task 1 #E2Tasks With Alex - Ielts Preparation Videos - July 2022

In this series, we’ll be releasing punchy little videos containing a Task of the Week. You’ll get the opportunity to attempt a sample test question, then we’ll go through it, breaking it down, step-by-step.

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IELTS Academic Writing Task 1 #E2Tasks with Alex

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  1. In terms of emmisions per person, Saudi Arabians has produced the highest 16.5 metric tonnes carbon dioxide in 2015. Next to it are the Americans, Australians and Canadians who emmited the same 14500 kilograms, followed by South Korea releasing a twelve-metric-ton of carbon dioxide on that same year. Russia has the least CO2 production of 10 metric tonnes among the 6 counties per individual basis.

  2. in terms of the emissions per person, russia produced the lowest amount of CO2 with 10 tonnes per person.united states,australia and canada showed almost a similar figure with emission of 15 tonnes. and although saudi arabia was not considered as one of the worlds top CO2 producers, it emitted 16 tonnes of CO2 per person in 2015.south corea placed fifth in this chart.

  3. In terms of the emissions per person, Saudi Arabians were highly contributed to the CO2 emissions, accounting for almost 16 metric tonnes. The individuals of Canada, Australia and Unites states also emitted much CO2 in to the air roughly 15 metric tonnes. And the rest of the two different countries-Russia and South Korea-were positioned at lower contributors parts compared to other countries, comprising 10 and 12 metric tonnes respectively.

  4. In terms of the emissions per person, it can be seen that Saudi Arabians contributed most at 16 metric tons. They are closely followed by the United States, Australian and Canadian citizens who all emitted about 15 metric tons on individual basis. While South Koreans didn't not release as much CO2 as the others, at 12 metric tons, it can be seen that they still produced more than Russians who emitted the least at just 10 metric tons.

  5. In terms of emission per person above data represents Saudi Arabia counts for 16% followed by Australia,Canada,USA for 14%,South Korea merely stood at 12% which was followed by Russia about 10%.

  6. How low will be my score if I used past simple in the task "Line graphs ..bla bla bla.. in one year" and the information is divided into months. I know it is a huge mistake so I shouldn't expect even 6.5.??

  7. In terms of the emissions per person, the amount of co2 produced by a person in Saudi Arabia was 16 tonnes, followed by the 3 tied countries: USA, Australia and Canada with roughly 15 tonnes per capita. Meanwhile, South Korea and Russia emitted around 12 and 10 tonnes of co2, respectively.

  8. focussing on the bar graph,CO2 emissions per person in Russia and south Korea were 10% and 12% respectively,which was least as compared to other countries.whereas,the United States, Australia and Canada accounted for approximately similar trend,which was 15% of co2 produced by individuals in 2015.In contrast,Saudi Arabia experienced highest trend(16%) in terms of co2 emissions by their country's people.

  9. In terms of emission per person, the graph exhibits that Saudi Arabia ranked first with a total of 16 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide by-product in 2015. It is then succeeded by three large countries namely United States, Australia and Canada, each of which produced 15 metric tonnes. The country with the least carbon dioxide contributor per individual in the same year is Russia with a total emission of 10 metric tonnes.

    It can be noted that despite the fact that Saudi Arabians are the top producers of carbon dioxide on an individual basis, their total carbon dioxide emission is not large enough to affect the global scale. Hence, it can be deduced that individual carbon dioxide emission is not directly proportional to the global CO2 contributions per country.

  10. In terms of emissions per person, people in Saudi Arabia produce the most emissions at 16 metric tonnes (per person). Canada, United States and Australia are tied at second place with emissions of about 15 metric tonnes per person. This is followed by South Korea and lastly, Russia with a per capita emission level of 10 metric tonnes per person. The differences between the country with the highest and the lowest per capita emission level is 6 metric tonnes per person. Also to note, 3 of the top 4 producers of carbon dioxide per capita have the same output.

  11. In terms of the emissions per person, it is obvious that Saudi Arabians account as the highest CO2 emissions with 16 metrics tonnes. Moreover, people in the developed nations such as United States, Australia and Canada were all equal at around 15 metric tonnes of CO2. While, South Koreans and Russians accounts 12 and 10 metric tonnes of CO2 emissions, respectively.

  12. Mam,I am having one doubt in writing task 2,if I am not having knowledge about that question how can I write that?pls teach exam on 25 th of this month. Please please

  13. L-8,5 R=8, W=6, S=8 Literally I watched almost all Jay and Alex video and did much practice but no gain same issue WRITING.

  14. In terms of the emissions per person, Saudi Arabia was leading with 16 metric tonnes of CO2 produced. In addition, there were three countries with the same amount of individual emissions, which are United States, Canada, and Australia. Moreover, the last two places were held by South Korea and Russia respectively, with only a slight difference of 2 metric tonnes per person.

  15. In terms of emissions per person, south arabia emitted 16mrtric tonnes per person. Which is highest rest of the country. However the u.s ,australia,canda are approximetely ,15metric tonnes co2 emitted in 2015. The least contributes russiaand south korea just under 12 metrics tonnes for each person

  16. In terms of the emissions per person, Saudi Arabians emitted the highest number of pollutants at 16 metric tonnes. This was followed by the Americans, Australians and Canadians,who released equal amount of CO2 at 15 percent. The least contributors to emissions were the Japanese,whose emissions was only 10 metric tonnes.

  17. In terms of emission per person, Saudi Arabia produced 16 metrics per tonne followed by the three developed nations USA, Australia & Canada with approx 15 metrics/tonnes each. While South Korea & Russia were in the last among the six producers which was approx three quarters of the Saudi arabia emission.

  18. In terms of the emission per person, it is shown through the bar chart that all six countries has high emission of CO2 per person basis, with Saudi Arabia taking the lead with 16 metric tons of carbon dioxide followed by the United states with about 14.5 ,then Australia.

  19. In terms of emissions per person, the people of Saudi Arabia emitted 16 metric cubes, people in three develop countries USA, Australia and Canada emitted exectly 15 metric cubes, while South Korea and Russia emitted 12 and 10 metric cubes respectively.
    Finally it can be said that even though China is top in terms of producing pollution but average producers of waste by person Saudi Arabia is the top.