IELTS General Writing Task 1: Informal Letters | 6 STEP METHOD with Jay!

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Join Jay as he takes you SENTENCE by SENTENCE through an IELTS General Writing Task 1 on informal letters. Learn the 6 step method that works!

IELTS General Writing Task 1: Informal Letters | 6 STEP METHOD with Jay!

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Dear Paul, I’m writing to thank you for the invitation to your country. Thank you very much for having me in your thoughts, I was blown away by the kind gesture you displaced by the invite. Unfortunately, I have to decline your offer due to my busy work schedule. Let me explain my situation to you. I recently got promoted at work to a sales manager which has been my dream for the past 3 years, as you well know. Unfortunately, this new position comes with more work hours and deadlines especially during the summer time, which is our peak… Read more »

Jay thank you ,you are such a marvelous teacher….thanks also to the entire team.

Thanks. very helpful but can i use the same six-step method to all the informal letters, please?


Dear sir I'm gt student and I have only one resource which is you tube so plz put every single information on YouTube along with Facebook or Twitter I will not forget your generous offer

Great work sir, very useful video…. Expecting for more…

Beautiful way of teaching thoroughly describes

I am writing to thank you for your warm invitation, but in for I won't be able to make it because of my exams.Let me explain my situation in more detail. As you know I am studying English for my Master's program and my exams are around the corner, because of this my holiday break is disturbed. I have to submit a theatrical play script and this is requiring too much effort. Can we plan our meetup another time during winter break? We can arrange bar b q parties, have movie nights or can explore neighboring rural areas since you… Read more »

Love the way you teach Buddy. Well organised and Logical Videos. I've to appear for my exam on May 11, 2019. Will share my result soon.

Just listening to you teach , has even me the motivation , to go ahead and write ielts .Thanks Jay

Absolutely love your way of teaching

In your other video, you said, " I'm writing to…." This is a formal form of starting a sentence but I can see you used it here. So my question is which one should I follow?

Is it really fine to use contraction in an letter and an essay ?

Dear James, I am writing to thank you for the invitation. But unfortunately because of my busy schedule at work i wont be able to come. Let me explain you my situation in more detail. Actually we have a production software release in coming week and lot of work in pending. Since I'm leading the team I have to take care and oversee all the required tasks and make sure the software release happens without any issues. Could you let me know if i can visit after the holidays? I can come during winter as I'll be free at time… Read more »

please provide something for formal letter as well, this is a informal letter and teh episode is very useful for me…..

Lucky that I found E2 IELTS on the way preparing myself for the test. Few days ago I took the academic test and I can say with pride I will get at least band 7.5 overall with probably L8 R8 W7 S7.
Within next week I'm taking the general training test as well to serve my application requirements for work, fingers crossed that I'd keep up the good work

Hey Jay, Thank you so much! I followed your tips for the writing tasks and was able to score a 7. Really appreciate your efforts.

Could you let me know the other times to visit you. I'll be immensely happy to meet your family and stay with you in your new flat. Infact,this winter i will be free, we can hang around and have lots of fun. I'll be really happy to know your availability in near future.

Let me elaborate my current situation. I have a new job, which requires for me to compelte a huge project.

I wont be able to come,due to my new job.

I am writing this letter to inform you that i can't come over this time.

hello sir,i am going to do I need to follow general one as well..

dear Devinder singh

Hi Jay. is it important to use contractions like I'm and I've in informal letters? If i dont use, will it affect my marks? Please advice

Is it mandatory to use contraction in all possible places for informal letters?

If it's recommended , then how would one make a difference between " I would " and " I had" as both are written as I'd .

Will it reduce my score as the examiner might get confused ?

Is it okay to use contraction only at places where there is zero probability of getting confused and write full words at critical places?

Does this 3 main step method apply to any type of letter?, or just the informal one?

Thank you so much Jay, I'm grateful for your lesson you deserve an accolades. ..God bless you really good…your methods were just magical today

Hi Jay lovely video loved you 6 step method… had a doubt if i used the same words in my letter in exam would i lose marks for memorising… lots of people will watch this video and use the same lines

Thank you so much Jay.You are doing an amazing job. i just love all your videos, they are just great. very nice explanations.

jay its been difficult using complex sentence for me.

i will be really glad if u could send me another invitation whenever you are free , for me i will be free next july and in the new year
i can't wait to see you and your new home , iam really very interested to get to know your husband

Dear Joy,I am writing to thank you for your invitation to visit your country That was very kind of you. Unfortunately, I won't be able to come,due to my hectic schedule at my new job. Let me explain my situation in detail. I got a new job as a medical officer at a private hospital, and it requires me to work long shifts throughout the week, leaving me with little or no time for myself. I enjoy my job however, because I get the privilege to save lives; which you know has been my dream from childhood. I'd request for… Read more »

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Hey can anybody tell me whether greeting and sign off part includes 150 words or not?


do they consider contractions as a one word ?

Thanks a lot for all the videos, its really helping to boost my score.

Very helpful! Thanks.. Will check out your other tutorials

Hi , some people write salutation and answer to point 1 in two separate paragraphs. Which is more appropriate one paragraph or two?
How are you guys doing? I hope you all are doing great in your studies! Exams are coming right?

Firstly I'd like to thank you for your invitation. It's very kind of you and I would be extremely happy to join but unfortunately I wont be able to make it due to my very hectic work schedule.

Dear ChiyoI'm writing to thank you for your invitation to come stay with you in Japan. Sadly, I will have to turn you down as I will be very busy during that time, moving house. Let me tell you a little bit more about my situation. We have been renting a house in Durban for a year. Recently, our landlord has become very difficult. So we've decided to move to improve our living conditions. Unfortunately, the days we need to move fall on the time you want me to visit. Would you be able to have me over in August… Read more »

I am writing you to express my gratitude on your invitation.

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