IELTS Line Graph: 4 Main Complex Sentence Stuctures

IELTS Line Graph: 4 Main Complex Sentence Stuctures - IELTS Line Graph 4 Main Complex Sentence Stuctures - Getting Down Under IELTS, ielts listening, ielts speaking, ielts writing, IELTS-Test

IELTS Writing Task 1: Line Graph. How to write the 4 main complex sentence structures. It is essential to show the examiner a range of different sentence structures in your writing task 1 for IELTS. Watch the lesson to learn how to write the sentences in easy steps.

IELTS Line Graph: 4 Main Complex Sentence Stuctures

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absolutely helpful lesson , thanks Liz

Lovely LIZ

Hi Elizabeth mam .. plz suggest how to improve listening skills

You are a very good teacher

I like your speed very much.

Thanks Liz for the lessons.

Pls allow me to know that could i use these 4 structures that means all in writing task 1.?

ma'am when we are using (increase as noun ),than we might use an steady increase or a steady increase ? looking forward to your answer


Mam if i write above 200 words in task 1 , will it lower my band score ? If you have alot of data and it is not possible to leave important points

I m waiting impatiently for a video on IELTS reading MATCH THE HEADINGS.
Haven't found one from you yet.

Very clear and persuasive
Thanks Liz

Do some for pie chart.

you are so cute

You are a great teacher, thank you so much!!!

Can we write:- There was a steady increase in vegetarian masses from about 75 to 200 inbetween 2004 and 2007. Please reply fast

Thankyou, very helpful

Thankyou mam I really admire you work in teaching us (the students who are preparing for IELTS) ♥️♥️♥️

Please make a video on vocabulary

Dear liz.
Do you have a lesson specifically on pie chart?
If so plz share the link.

Your way of teaching is very good

What should be the word limit for task 1?


if no date is given,which tense do i have to use?

Hello , liz

hii liz what a great videos u make thanks ..please make video how to improve sentence formation, in fact i best in all subject except english….my exam on 25 september…help me.

Very good class but becoming vegetarian is missing in third sentence

pharaphrasing and change vocab is compulsary or not?

Complex sentences often have "which, whereas or while" and has the dependent clause there to give additional information to the dependent clause.For example:The number of people becoming vegetarian in 2004, which was 75, rose steadily to 200 in 2007. Here you can see the independent clause "which was 75" was giving additional information to "the number of people becoming vegeterian" Edit: I notice band 7.0 grammar requires "variety of complex structures", however, I firmly believe we need at least 2-3 complex sentences, along with 1 passive voice sentence and 2-3 compound sentences to achieve that band 7.0. These… "rearrangements" of… Read more »

Her youtube channel could be very successful if she continued making videos

Is it ok to use
In order to
For academic task 2

hi Liz….
have a confusion??
the percentage of children using dietary supplements was decreased to 35.
children were decreased to 35.
would it be right…. my mentor use this

5:03, you was lack of the phrase " becoming vegetarian'' in the second and third paragraph ,right? This makes me so confused.

thanks alot for this Liz

sorry i know that this might sound like a vague question, but when you say "Steady increase" , would that mean it's increasing continously and not rapidly? Many thanks in adavnce your classes are very helpful.

Need to ask you I gave my ielts for 2 times why do you think i am stuck on band 6 for writing.

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