IELTS Listening: English Names

IELTS Listening: English Names - IELTS Listening English Names - Getting Down Under IELTS, ielts listening, ielts speaking, ielts writing, IELTS-Test

IELTS Listening: English Names. Practice listening for names and get useful tips for the IELTS listening test. It is common to listen for names in IELTS listening section – test yourself on your ability to write down English names.

Capital letters 2017 – you do not need to worry about capital letters in your IELTS listening test.

IELTS Listening: English Names

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Pls video on mapping and attending the section 4 pls

5 of them are correct . a very useful lesson.

Thank you, Liz. You're doing good job! I kike your lessons!

it is have to be J.k. with the full stop ?

Mam, please give the video on reading " headlines questions "

Great lessons Madam and I started following you few days back and also watching your videos. Really benefiting to a person like me and learning a lot from your videos. Hope to get connected to madam so that i can learn more.

This video is very helpful. i manage to write first name only

LIZ can we write J.K. as JK?

Can we spell Sean as Shawn?

I dont know if you will read my comment or not. I have been studying i with you for two days only . YOU have such an amazing delivery of knowledge . I loved your way of teaching and u have such a wonderful smile ..
I really appreciate ur efforts and i am planing to score high level in ielts next 2 months .. if i did it i will email you with my result ..

I loooove you so much

Hlo madam i got problem in names so please could you explain it thnks

Very useful..

Many thanks Liz! May I ask please, are we allowed to write in all capital letters?

@IELTS Liz Please hide subtitles while listening. :P That is cheating!


Hello Ma'am, Can you please give a common name list?

How can I improve my spelling?

love it

thanks a lot Liz , where i can find the most common name ?

You are very lovely and helpful thanks, Could you tell us the differences between Ms & Miss, please ?

Yes, I will like to have more video that

Very interesting

Should these titles also written in capital or in small if our whole answer is in capital plz z reply

You are the best teacher I have ever seen.

I see that you have not placed a period after the title "Mr" or "Mrs". In American English there is a period after the title. So would my answer be marked incorrect if I use "Mr. Simon" instead of "Mr Simon"?

So useful.Obviously thanks a lot

I need a speaking partner who are interested to talking with me 01726659381 this is my emo number

Very useful Liz. It would be a great idea if you make more exercises for trained us.Thanks a lot!


Can I write whole word in capital letters

Hi Liz, this video is really very helpful….I wasn't aware about the titles… Great!!!!!!!!

this video is very useful to me .. Thanks For You Amazing Effort
By The Way I Got All Of Them Right >> Thank You

It was really useful.

It is very useful, thanks.

yes , please do more about it .

John Smith
Simon Brambling
Mr. Sean Fergus
J.K. Rowling
Mrs. Hilary Mitchel


I have a question about the initials. Is 'k' for J. k. Rowling capital??

It was so useful

Ma'am, Are we supposed to give space after 'J.' And 'K.' such as J. K. Rowling ?


Thank you

In the official IELTS book names in the answer key are always spelled with a hyphen between each single letter. Is that necessary in the real exam?

I have 1 question that how can i listen and write down the address in IELTS part 1. Bc some address wasn't spelt by speaker. Please give me some tips. Thank you !!!

B & p, they sound the same in my mother-tongue language.
How can I overcome such problem? thanks in advance

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