Ielts Listening For Plurals - Ielts Listening Videos - October 2021
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IELTS Listening for Plurals

IELTS Listening for plurals: tips and practice.
Uncountable Noun Word List:
Free IELTS Listening Practice:

IELTS Listening for Plurals

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IELTS Listening Form Completion

Written by IELTS Liz

Liz posts free IELTS preparation video lessons containing IELTS tips, techniques and practice for your IELTS test. In these videos you can learn about IELTS writing, IELTS Speaking, Listening and Reading. Please note: Getting Down Under has sourced these videos from youtube to assist our visitors with their IELTS exam. Comments directed at Lis should be posted via her youtube channel.

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  1. Dear Liz, All your materials and videos are very very important, but those at intermediate level also require a a basic grammar practice to increase their IELTS score, can you suggest some good grammar books especially related to ielts. This indeed would be very much helpful. Thanks a lot for all your informative videos and materials.

  2. Hi Liz , just want to thank you, I feel that I owe this to you. I got 8.5 in Speaking and got the result today. Thank God I have a very warm and pretty examiner. I love our conversation , it feels like we 're friends and I actually love to continue to speak to her even though our time is already up.

  3. Thx dear teacher .whilst listening,I came across with a big question. For 3rd question,why didn't you write useful objects.I was showing yr video to my students and fortunately they didn't ask me this question.i appreciate if you let me know the answer.

  4. Hi Liz ,
    I only had a week time to prepare for my IELTS. I was able to score 7.5 overall , all because of your videos here .
    I cant thank you enough . God bless you and keep up the good work :)
    Loads of love and respect to u :)

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