IELTS Listening: Mini Mock Test 1 | MULTIPLE CHOICE and MATCHING!

Ielts Listening: Mini Mock Test 1 | Multiple Choice And Matching! - Ielts Listening Videos - July 2022


Jay has taken the IELTS Academic and received a 9 — so he knows what’s what ; )

IELTS Listening: Mini Mock Test 1 | MULTIPLE CHOICE and MATCHING!

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  1. Thanks E2. Got introduced to your site a week before my exam. Just checked my results: overall 8.5 L 8.5 R 9 W 8.5 S 8.5.

    Thanks. I highly recommend this site.

  2. Honourable sir You are the best teacher in reading and listening .. outstanding lecture..I'm so poor at reading and listening but Now you make me eassy I think I can reached my score

  3. Hello Jay, Thanks for the really helpful videos about IETLS test. I have a question, can we write all capital letters in listening as well in reading answer sheet.

  4. Thanks Jay for the video, it was great learning! However I was expecting some strategies to cover for the other Matching Type question which is also very common in IELTS General (Section 3) these days. I am referring to the below type of question (just a sample). The audio relevant to the below question can be obtained from

    Questions 26 -30
    What decision do the students make about each of the following parts of their presentation?
    Choose FIVE ANSWERS from the below choices and write the correct letter (A-G) next to Questions 26 -30
    A. use visuals
    B. keep it short
    C.involve other students
    D.check the information is accurate
    E. provide a handout
    F. focus on one example online research

    Parts of the presentation:

    26. Historical Background
    27. Geographical Factors
    28. Past Mistakes
    29. Future Risks
    30. International implications

  5. Hi Jay,
    I would like to know if we can type all answers in capital for listening and reading test preferably for IELTS online test. Kindly guide