IELTS Listening Multiple Choice #E2Tasks with Alex

Ielts Listening Multiple Choice #E2Tasks With Alex - Ielts Listening Videos - July 2022

In this series, we’ll be releasing punchy little videos containing a Task of the Week. You’ll get the opportunity to attempt a sample test question, then we’ll go through it, breaking it down, step-by-step.

Question. Method. Answer. All in one video.

IELTS Listening Multiple Choice #E2Tasks with Alex

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  1. Hi Alex! thanks for your great short lessons! I took 4 listening test of Cambridge, and scored in between 27-30. The multiple choice part is my BIGGEST weak point. If you can share a few other advises, it will mean a lot. My target score is 35.

  2. I always get lotsa mistakes in multiple choices because I don’t have enough time to read all the choices,so I don’t know where should I focus on.How can I solve this problem.

  3. Hello Alex and Jay… I follow your videos as a daily task. My humble request to you upload more videos on Listening task especially for section 4

  4. I have to confess. You are damn beautiful and makes uninteresting topics interesting. I like the way you present the content of your class too.
    EDIT: I got all 4 correct although 22nd was a rough guess.

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  6. She went bare bones/rudimentary means she actually didnt use any technology in the recent presentation. Hence, (A) would be false. As (B) is the only answer left. B wins

  7. The answer is B in 24. The question asked about the present and not the past.

  8. How can i submit my essey?i took a video for my essay i filled all the blanks i tried more than once to submit but it doesn't work.

  9. thank you, it was a greatly interesting and useful video, I have got 3 from 4