IELTS Listening Section 1: Time Test

IELTS Listening Section 1: Time Test - IELTS Listening Section 1 Time Test - Getting Down Under IELTS, ielts listening, ielts speaking, ielts writing, IELTS-Test

IELTS Listening Section 1: Time Test. Test yourself on listening for time for IELTS Section1.

IELTS Listening Section 1: Time Test

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Great Ms.Liz thanks a lot


Thank you so much Liz, you are the best!


Thanks you Liz..

I really get 5 out of 5.

Is it 5.20 or 5:20 ? A dot or a semicolon in between the hour and minute ?

Which spelling should I use? Catalog or catalogue?I did IELTS listening practice test and wrote catalog as an anwer but the answer key had catalogue as the correct one. Please advise, thanks!

my all answers were correct

confused 5 no question

what is the value of quarter in clocks??

I got all of them right!!!


when should we append am or pm in the answers?

The speaker says "morning 9.45". What is the correct answer : 9.45am or 9.45 ?

5 out of 5

5/5 thanks

Yes I've got all of them right, this is really helpful, thanks

i think it is quite easy to tackle in time and date ….because i got 5/5 in this test

Hi Liz! Today I did one listening test of the IELTS Prep App and plugged in the answers: 9:30, 8:55 and 7:30pm. Turns out, all of them were wrong since the correct answers should have been: 9:30am, 8:55am but 7:30! Is the time format always unambiguous? I have difficulties to remember if they said 9:30 in the morning or 9:30am in the morning, and then it is hard to give the correct answer.

Your smile is adorable❤️, thank you

Yes i got it

Thank you so much liz
Score improved !!

Nicely done.

Yee I’ve got 5/5 :)

best channel ever

Yup all are right yahoo..thanks mam

thanks a lot

5 out of 5 ! Thank u!

can you please tell me how to pronounce 6:30?

Is midnight 12:00 pm / am?..

Hey Liz,
I took a listening test and for one my answer I wrote (TUTORING) but in the answer key I found the answer as (TUTORING SESSION) . Will I be marked as correct or incorrect for that particular question ?

The problem with me is that I can hear it quite clearly but my math sucks.

Obviously,,practice makes perfect

5/5- thanks for a better lesson!

Thank you so much

Thank you ma’m.. 5/5

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