IELTS Listening Tips & Essential Information

IELTS Listening Tips & Essential Information - IELTS Listening Tips amp Essential Information - Getting Down Under IELTS, ielts listening, ielts speaking, ielts writing, IELTS-Test

IELTS Listening Tips: Everything you need to know about IELTS listening to maximise your score. A MUST WATCH video for IELTS students!
Learn about the exam content, the types of questions, writing answers, how to avoid mistakes, making notes and more useful IELTS listening tips.

For more links about listening, please visit my blog page:

Important Notice: Get a list of all tips and learn about using capital letters on the following page:

IELTS Listening Tips & Essential Information

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Deepak Rijal
1 year ago

Thanks Liz for your kindness and humanity.

Ethio love
1 year ago

thanks @ LIZ

younus peechamcod
1 year ago

madam… I wasted My time and Money. I was too late to find you…

Hetal Panchal
1 year ago

Thank You Liz for such a great information.
I have one query which needs your confirmation. Does the point 8 still holds true? Am asking this as the video is published in 2015. So not sure if the rule might have changed.
And if that is the case, then going with capital letters would be more better. Could you please advise.

Thank You.

juhi sudan
1 year ago

Very Useful ! Thanks a tonne!

Kỳ Châu Minh
1 year ago

it is very useful! thank you very much

Yegana Nasibova
1 year ago

for me the most difficult section in listening is the third one

Sahib Deep
1 year ago

You are great teacher

Amir Shahivand
1 year ago

Thank you for your very useful lessons

Leal dos Santos
1 year ago

Your teaching ability is amazing

bhavesh chikkmath
1 year ago

Thank you so much for the free content.
I only watched your videos 3 days before the exam and scored 7.0 IELTS Academic without any preparation.
I really didn't get anytime to prepare with the work pressure at my office.
Overall Band Score: 7.0
Listening: 7.5
Reading: 7.5
Speaking: 6.5
Writing: 6.5

Samiha Islam
1 year ago

Thank u

Amandeep Mintu
1 year ago

Thank you mam You've been very helpful

ayyappan mani
1 year ago

coming to live classsss maam

1 year ago

Nice video thanks

Zeynep Eryaman
1 year ago

How come Lizz the all words and the sentences that you came out in your mouth are quite intelligible for me first time I don’t how to say thank you Lizzzzz ❤️

Fisayo Orunesajo
1 year ago


prabhjot singh
1 year ago

you are best teacher,mam

Jessica Oliveira
1 year ago

Liz, If I take the computer based test, can I use the same tip about CAPITAL LETTER or Lower case?
Thank you so much !!

Shyni Sajeesh
1 year ago

If I write' A bus' in the blanks is it wrong ….i mean should i have to write 'a bus'.ie. in the above video it is said GARDEN or garden …so if I write Garden will it be marked as wrong answer?

Deep Singh
1 year ago

Keep it up Liz

Pratik Deshmukh
1 year ago

Hey Liz, I have been following your video's for a while now.
I observed one thing, that you do not put a period after titles like "Mr" or "Mrs" (Video position 6:04), but I observed in one video you wrote Doctor as "Dr."
Shouldn't all abbreviated titles followed by period like "Mr." or "Mrs." ?

Sardar Vikram Singh
1 year ago

if we want to buy a book of writing then which book buy

Manjot Bhullar
1 year ago

Mam ur smile is very gorgeous

1 year ago

Hi Liz, just wanted to expressed my gratitude, I received my results yesterday:
Listening 7.5
Reading 7.0
Writing 6.5
Speaking 7.5
I prepared for two months and I am really pleased with my results since are just enough to take me to Sydney Uni which is the school of my dreams.

Thank you so much!

Adnan Yousaf
1 year ago

Liz Thank You so much for the wonderful lecture. It was brilliantly explained.

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