IELTS Listening Tips: Predicting Answers

IELTS Listening Tips: Predicting Answers - IELTS Listening Tips Predicting Answers - Getting Down Under IELTS, ielts listening, ielts speaking, ielts writing, IELTS-Test

IELTS Listening Tips: Predicting answers using prepositions. Learn some useful tips about how to predict the answer in your listening test using prepositions (in, on, at)

IELTS Listening Tips: Predicting Answers

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How I can improve my reading I do practice daily but didn't improve

Hi Liz, In the first preposition (at) example, it is given that we should use "the" before the place, so if we write the answer as 'He would like to meet at station, Is it wrong or mark will be awarded for that?

Hi Liz, you are great teacher. The way you teach is amazing and unique. The best quality of teaching you have. Thank you so much for your time.

So knowledgeable Liz . You're just the best for usus

she has so lovely face<3

I'm taking my ielts after two months what you advise please i need it

very lovely

That's really amazing. I am really grateful to you as I have learnt new things from your videos. I would like to add one thing or you may get it as I am asking, shouldn't we use 'on' for 'occasion'? For example, He would like to meet you on Christmas.

What's wrong with you? You are not giving any new videos about ielts.

I have a query ma'am : with date like April 21st, we have to write 'st' in superscript?

What about place examples for "in" and "on"?

Mam i have a doubt. Mam why cant we say that he would like to meet me in the month of February rather than he would like to meet me in February

Does that mean the listening test is checked my prediction skill , not listening stuff ?

can we write all answers in capital letters?

Thanks a lot

Set the playback speed at 1.5 & thank me later.

good tips !

Hi Liz, thank you for your great videos. So i did IELTS on stockholm today and all the parts beside the rrading went good. There was so little time and so much to read and the last part I had to guess the answers. And most of the others thought the samr thing. Its really hard to focus on reading and at the samr time try to understand thr questions and find the answers. I need at least 6.5 in every module.

Should the J and the K in j.k Rowling both be written with capital letters?

Hi, shouldn't there be possibility of using place with "in" like – He would like to meet in the room.

Thanks a lot mam


Hello Liz, what preposition can be used with "evening"

Great, Thanks Liz


Mam watching videos is enough to prepare for IELTS . or I need to use other sources ? kindly reply

Can we write all answers in capital letters?

Liz, Your lovely smile itself gives us a HOPE to score high in IELTS :) Thank you Liz. We love you!

part=fart for foreign people to pronounce xDDD

Excellent Teacher. Thanks a lot Mam

Very nice video,You explained very well with good example.While watching your video I felt like IELTS can be an achievable task.Keep it up your good works and we will expect more videos from your side

I LOVE Liz!! She is so patient with a nice smile!!!

Thank you Liz

if I will write every letter in capital then will it deduct any marks in IELTS?

Very helpful.. Thanks Liz :)


this is obviously excellent….

Thanks soooo much

Thanks a lot liz , it's very clear and informative , i'm just in the beginning of the preparation , starting with your channel , what are the books should i study from ?? any other advice ?
Thanks in advance

Mam i think with season use the in front of summer for eaxample in the summer

your smile speaks about your generosity thank you so much madam for your valuable tips
in love with your smile

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