Ielts Preparation: 5-Step Study Plan - Ielts Preparation Videos - October 2021

IELTS preparation: 5-step STUDY PLAN

Learn the essential steps in IELTS preparation + download a PDF study plan linking to all the materials ☟click to show more☟

How to prepare for the IELTS exam at home? In this video I will share 5 steps to effective IELTS preparation that everyone needs to take before the exam day. Fill free to download the study plan linking to all the preparation materials in the PDF format

IELTS preparation: 5-step STUDY PLAN

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IELTS Listening Form Completion

Written by Fasttrack Education

Hi there, I'm Asiya. Based in London, I help people from all over the world prepare for the IELTS exam and access higher education in the UK.

8 years ago I lived in Kazakhstan and studying in the UK was my dream. Since then, I completed my master's degree in London, worked at one of the largest UK banks, and co-founded Fastrack Education, a consultancy that helps others achieve their dreams.

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  1. Thank you for this amazing video. Mam can you tell me how to writes answer in listening section. Means in upper case or lower case. What is the exact way to write.

  2. Ι believe the yes-no-not given isn't that difficult. My algorithm for these type of questions is: In case of you are between 2 different answers, and these most probably will be yes-not given or no-not given, if the sentence is too specific on what is saying, it most probably will be not given. Otherwise, if it is more vague or less explicit, it most probably, won't be not given. In all reading passages I 've studied from publishing houses' books, there wasn't a single passage that didn't make use of not given as a correct answer, so take heed..

  3. Hiii asiya I am very confuse about which one is best idp or BC

    I gave 2 time exam with idp ,I got 5.5 in both exam

    Plz tell me which one is best according to you

  4. Your videos are really helpful. Want some video relating IELTS reading and speaking.
    Lots of video has been given on writing but a few on reading.
    Would you plz post some tips on reading and speaking ?!

  5. Thanks a lot Asiya for the very helpful video … I tried downloading the Study Plan twice but have not received the pdf copy in the email so far. Can you suggest an alternative way to get it?

  6. Спасибо Вам, никак не могу наслушаться Вашей льющейся речью! Сам сдаю IELTS 11 августа… Ваши видео очень помогают и заряжают энергией!

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