IELTS Reading: General and Academic | MATCHING INFORMATION with Jay!

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In this video, you will learn how to master the Matching Information question in the IELTS General and Academic. This is one of the hardest question types in the IELTS test. Jay will take you through it step by step showing you a powerful way to get the right answer quickly.

IELTS Reading: General and Academic | MATCHING INFORMATION with Jay!

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How is answer for 4 in the academic part is B (medical first)? Why not D again (effects of pepper)?

Hi, I just wanted to clarify that in exercise 1 question 5- The apartment has wooden floors, only A should be the correct answer and not E since in Paragraph E it specifically states that timber floor are the highlight of the living room, whereas in para A the entire apartment has timber floors. The instruction says that we may choose any letter more than ones and not that any question can have two answers. Kindly elaborate on which is the correct answer.

Hey Jay, in Paragraph F there's written " Compelling Space" doesn't mean generous space? I think it deserved a X as well.

6/6 in gt

sir i want to ask if we write short form of true false notgiven it will marked wrong in the exam?

this is confusing Jay

cool wrote mine in paper.


Hi Jay,
I have a doubt in True, False and Not Given type of question,
On answer sheet what form of answer I should write, I mean, should I write
1: T, F or NG
2: True, False or Not given
4: true, false or not given

I think it should be easier in the computer test? I expect the answer would be like radio buttons, either click or not-click?

Hi Jay, is it a tick or a cross inside the cells?

Matching headings is the most difficult part in reading test



Can someone please give me the link to a video which speaks about Yes/No/Not Given? Not able to find it. I found the T/F/NG very useful



Thanks really nice

I always watch your videos on 1.5 speed setting.
I must also mention that you're an amazing teacher. I've been following your tutorials for a while now. Hoping to achieve an 8.

Jay thank you so much I got total band of 8 Most of the tips u shared were really helpful..I'm really grateful…

17:08 academic ty me later

General reading 6/6 and academic reading 4/6

Honestly, had I not watched this video a day before giving my exam, I'd have messed up due to time constraints. Before going in, I was confident I'd be done with the section entirely about 20 minutes early. I was so wrong! Thankfully I had watched this video so I knew how to tackle the questions most efficiently, and I had an idea of the pattern. My only tip to the examinees would be this – match the answer with the information, not the other way around. There's a reason it is called "1A" and "2B" and not "A1" and… Read more »

I appreciate your work sir . Keep doing!

in both i got 4R/ 2 W..

can anyone give me the link of Y/N/NG? please

Hey Jay!,

Your videos are fabulous and thank you, with the question B, it says it is half a year lease, yup, but the words 'register now to view' are supposed to be considered? as for online booking? Or is it ambiguous to assume if it could be either offline registration or online too?

Thank you and your team.

got 4 right out of 6. :)


Why are you crossing it off with “X” when it specifically asks if the following statements are true ?

wait…. VENETIAN BLINDS are not FLOOR, right? Venetian Blinds are for the windows, am i mistaken? so why the answer to A is 5?

why c-6 is not right? if we look at last 3lines of para C, it is explaining possible causes

4-A,D (A does have onsite parking, refer 2:00)
The last line of para A, changes from 2:00 to 12:00, "onsite parking" part is gone, when we are discussing the answers.

Para A also has "Onsite car parking". The Paragraph A changes from 2:00 (while we attempt the question) to 12:00 (when we discuss the answer). The last line changes.

for paragraph F i chose 4,3&2 , should i only pick one letter for each paragraph?

thanks Jay, i got 4 out of 6

Hello Jay
Thank you for your videos
You helped me alot
Realy thank you Sir

Thank you so much, Jay. I am taking ielts (computer based) in Adelaide withing two weeks, and that really helped :) :) :)

Not easy for me

A 6
B 6

For 5th we have to select both or E ansd A Anyone can be chosen?

Thank you, Jay. Just expressed my gratitude via PayPal.

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