IELTS Reading | SUPER METHODS #2 with Jay!

Ielts Reading | Super Methods #2 With Jay! - Ielts Preparation Videos - July 2022

In this live class, Jay will teach you great methods to understand the IELTS reading question types relevant to both the IELTS Academic and General.

IELTS Reading | SUPER METHODS with Jay!

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  1. hi Jay! in the real section of true false not given the 5th question why its true its says in the paragraph some sea turtles and in the answer it doesn't say some it sounds like all turtles sexual anatomy appears after 10 years so the right answer is false i think.

  2. I wish I find this video earlier. Sir Jay you make the lessons a lot easier.

  3. Hi Jay ,I too have the same question, quest# 5 it is said ‘some species of ….

  4. Thanks for your useful IELTS tips!
    Can you explain about question No.5, ( sea turtle sexual anatomy…why it is true? I think it would be true if it mentions “some species of sea ….

  5. in the real False, true, not given question the last answer is True although the text said " in some species of sea turtles " and it was generalized in the question. doesn't generalization affect the meaning then the answer??
    BTW This tutorials or lessons are amazing. thanks

  6. In the paragraph for question 5 was written that only for Some Speacies of sea turtels you can tell is it a boy or a girl after 10 years. I thought this shoud not aply to all sea turtles and I wrote False

  7. kindly link me more about the reading practice, thank you in anticipation.

  8. I think that the 3 statement is false: ..the information said " some species" and the statement is a generalization of sea turtles