Ielts Reading | Super Methods #3 With Jay! - Ielts Preparation Videos - October 2021
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IELTS Reading | SUPER METHODS #3 with Jay!

Join Jay in this LIVE CLASS for some IELTS Reading “SUPER SKILLS” practice for both IELTS GENERAL and IELTS ACADEMIC.

Video Quick Reference ~
2:33 – Synonyms (skills)
14:02 – What’s the Main Idea (skills)
24:49 – IELTS Reading Mock Test
26:06 – Multiple Choice (simple paragraph)
28:26 – Multiple Choice (real paragraph)
35:17 – True / False / Not Given (simple paragraph)
37:49 – True / False / Not Given (real paragraph)
45:35 – Sentence Completion (simple paragraph)
48:16 – Sentence Completion (real paragraph)
57:07 – Upgrading your package with E2Language

Jay has taken the IELTS Academic and received a 9 – so he knows what’s what ; )

Jay will teach you great methods to understand the IELTS reading question types relevant to both the IELTS Academic and General.

IELTS Reading | SUPER METHODS #3 with Jay!

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Taking the IELTS General or IELTS Academic? Need help with IELTS writing, IELTS reading, IELTS listening or IELTS speaking? These videos are sure to help. Please note: Getting Down Under has sourced these videos via Youtube to assist our visitors with their IELTS exam. Comments directed at E2 should be posted via their youtube channel.

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  1. For question 9 – dont you think the answer should be "….. don't depend FOR our survival" instead of "…don't depend ON our survival". The one given has a different meaning all together when compared to the context presented in the given paragraph. Please help.

  2. His way of teaching is very good..i am learning through him alot but he said main idea is in the first sentence don't read carefully don't waste the time but later he finds the main idea from the middle of sentence through careful i am confused..

  3. I have a doubt .. I want Jay Sir to read this message hopefully. The word endeavour and endeavor are two distinct words. I watched one of the videos(based on reading) on youtube, regarding synonyms, where meaning of "endeavour" was asked and it was found to be "strive" .

    Later on, I searched for its synonyms on where the spelling of this word referring to strive were "ENDEAVOR" and not "ENDEAVOUR" 
    Can u clarify ?

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