Ielts Speaking: Full Test Simulation With Jay! #2 - Ielts Preparation Videos - September 2023

Jay took the IELTS and worked out how it’s possible to get an IELTS 9 (or close enough). There are some fundamental things you need to understand about Part 1, 2 and 3, which make is much easier for you. Learn the strategies that work!


Did you find this video useful? Please let us know in our comments below.

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  1. Hi Jay, I just want to drop a comment to thank you very much for all your videos that have helped me tremendously in the IELTS exam. I did the test in early May and scored L 8 R 9 W 7 S 8.5 (3 weeks of preparation). It was not possible without your tips. I enjoy watching your speech every day before taking the exam. Thank you so much for your great work! I will definitely refer your channel to anyone studying IELTS.

  2. Please the part 2. If the question says “describe a celebration that you attended recently”. Do I still need to use the PPF format??

  3. Hi Jay, when it says and email can we talk about three emails ? this video was made on 2017 is this strategy still valied now, can someone explain please .

  4. thank you so much for this simulation. I found that I had waaaay too much to say, so will now try an other 10 times using your methodology!! This really helps me heaps!!!x

  5. Daaaaaaaamn I never thought that I will be able to speak on a topic continuously for two minutes. Thanks Jay for your strategy, it has been extremely helpful for me. I hope I'll do well in my speaking test tomorrow!

  6. Hi Jay!
    Thank you very much, really appreciate it. I think all your advices are very helpful. Thay are like a foundation for my future career!

  7. Since I see alot of people having doubts about this method, I thought of commenting with a slight change in this method which might be a little better and it may clear most of your doubts.. well, I feel it's better to start speaking about the question as it is in the beginning, specifically if it's about a mail u received recently, talk about it, try to use variety of tenses there. And if u are still left out with time, then elaborate your answer by connecting it with ur past and present..which will certainly assure a better band as jay explains..

  8. Thanks for your strategy, it is really comforting to relay on a structure to stay on track of our ideas and satay on topic. I find it difficult though to have 3 different emails or people to speak about within 2 minutes. What worked better for me is that I use the same structure but I stick to the same email or person. I want to add that 2 minutes is too short for me, I found myself still on the past by the end of the 2 minutes. I guess I have to work on that and try to squeeze my speaking a bit. Wish me good luck, I will take my exam in two days :p

  9. Hi Sir Jay! I am gradually being a great fan of you for your extraordinary teaching techniques which is so effective to get a acceptable band score. Thank you very much. GOD bless you all the time.