IELTS Speaking: Greeting the examiner

IELTS Speaking: Greeting the examiner - IELTS Speaking Greeting the examiner - Getting Down Under IELTS, ielts listening, ielts speaking, ielts writing, IELTS-Test

IELTS Speaking: Greeting the examiner. Learn useful tips for the 4 questions asked by the examiner for the greeting and ID check at the start of the IELTS speaking test. Make sure you are fully prepared, confident and ready to give the examiner a good first impression.

IELTS Speaking: Greeting the examiner

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" i'm from nidadavolue which is near to rajamundry", is it correct..??

Can I say I'm xyz

can we say "yes , for sure " for question no 4?

7:43 Please say 'Kolkata'

Your teaching method is really worth for appriciate

The official name for Calcutta is Kolkata. shouldn't we use the official name instead of Calcutta?

Shall I use 'Sir/Mam' word for an examiner?…forsay ,good afternoon Sir or Sure Sir..

thank you, Liz, you are the best

10 hours before exam ❤️

i have my speaking test next week on 14 may 2019 thanks for your tips it helped me a lot i will remember those points.

Good one need your help for speaking part

Professor I am weak in listening mcq please give a lecture

aww thank you

Hey Liz,thanks for your teachings. Passed ielts in flying colours!

Where r u from?
I belong to the city of Hyderabad which is the capital of Telangana and Andhra as well.
Is that OK ?

If it is not right to say Miss with the first name, what should i say if i want to use Ms or Miss ? thanks in advance

mam please share the cue card for may 2019 to august 2019

The correct way to pronounce "my name is" or "my name's" is "my name iz" not "is" the same goes for "my name's" z not s, so "my name'z" . Vowels and strong consonants before that "s" makes "s" be pronounced "z". Soft consonants such as T, P, K keep "s". The same rule applies for regular plural nouns (pronounced nounz) : ladies = ladiez, boys = boyz, desks = desks, gloves = glovz, storms = stormz so please (pleaz). Thank you. PS one name, two names (prononced namez). The same way you have with the regular verbs (verbz); we… Read more »

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