IELTS Speaking Part 1 New Topics: Dictionaries

IELTS Speaking Part 1 New Topics: Dictionaries - IELTS Speaking Part 1 New Topics Dictionaries - Getting Down Under IELTS, ielts listening, ielts speaking, ielts writing, IELTS-Test

Learn high score vocabulary and ideas for a new topic in IELTS speaking part 1.

IELTS Speaking Part 1 New Topics: Dictionaries

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Mam, i always try to speak like you. But i can't.

thank you mam for giving progress knowledge about IELTS

Thank you ma for this, please can one also talk about Oxford advance dictionary, medical dictionary , drug dictionary, science dictionary and apart from the types of dictionaries what other information can one add when you are describing the dictionaries.

Hello Mam, My name is neha. i am from india .i have speaking problem .i am new on your channel please help me to resolve my speaking problem.

Hi Liz, tell me an example for electronical dictionary

Hello Mam
I am new your English class.
I am from India.
I have communication, speaking problem. How can solve it problem

Please help me mam

Send more videos like this…every type of speaking topic

this realy helped

please suggest the Thesaurus dictionary author's name…which is good for the ielts preparation ?

Hi Mam,
How would u recommend to study someone who is preparing at home . I need one direction to start my preparation . Do u have any complete module of your videos that we should follow in any pattern or can you suggest on how can I start ?

Thanks in advance !

Hi liz how can i see videos serially

Beautifully said, Got the idea immediately, if someone asks about Dictionary, we have certain points here. Thanks Lizzzzz….

Hii Liz this is jay shah i am facing a lot of problem in spelling mistake in writing how can I overcome it please guide
My email id is :
My contact number is :- +917405484885

Need speaking partner anybody help me to develop my speaking ,plz

I'm Ashraf learning English. Really very nice. I love and enjoy your teaching. Thank you so much to teach us so nicely. God bless you.

Hi mam,I only practced with your classes .I got speaking-8.5,listeing-8,writting-8,reading-8.5.Thank you,God bless you

Mam you are wonderful teacher

Really, excellent video. Worth to watch.

i got this question in July

Liz why you stopped making video for YouTube ?

Liz, you are a perfect teacher! You are my “most” favorite teacher :) your energy and you smile are very sweet and lovely!

Course no. 2

Mam, we are prepareing for iltes….but how much extent we have prepared… How do we know that?

may u help for improve my reading

hlo mam i took exam 4 times but i could not get higher band score plzz help me i hve many problems with reading module

Thbak you for a wonderful teaching style to ace ielts. Love from the Philippines (:

Where are you Liz now… It has been two years you have not posted a single video on your channel

thank you so much

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