IELTS Speaking Part 1 New Topics: Dictionaries

IELTS Speaking Part 1 New Topics: Dictionaries - IELTS Speaking Part 1 New Topics Dictionaries - Getting Down Under IELTS, ielts listening, ielts speaking, ielts writing, IELTS-Test

Learn high score vocabulary and ideas for a new topic in IELTS speaking part 1.

IELTS Speaking Part 1 New Topics: Dictionaries

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Afra Marzan
1 year ago

thank you so much

my doll
1 year ago

Where are you Liz now… It has been two years you have not posted a single video on your channel

Kristeen Colasito
1 year ago

Thbak you for a wonderful teaching style to ace ielts. Love from the Philippines (:

Lakha Dhaliwal
1 year ago

hlo mam i took exam 4 times but i could not get higher band score plzz help me i hve many problems with reading module

Lakha Dhaliwal
1 year ago

may u help for improve my reading

Yash Shah
1 year ago

Mam, we are prepareing for iltes….but how much extent we have prepared… How do we know that?

معلومة هامة
1 year ago

Course no. 2

Canberk Ulaş
1 year ago

Liz, you are a perfect teacher! You are my “most” favorite teacher :) your energy and you smile are very sweet and lovely!

Furqan Yousafzai
1 year ago

Liz why you stopped making video for YouTube ?

Bilal Bataineh
1 year ago

i got this question in July

S. M. Foysal Ahmed Sony
1 year ago

Really, excellent video. Worth to watch.

Sarthak Chandan
1 year ago

Mam you are wonderful teacher

1 year ago

Hi mam,I only practced with your classes .I got speaking-8.5,listeing-8,writting-8,reading-8.5.Thank you,God bless you

1 year ago

I'm Ashraf learning English. Really very nice. I love and enjoy your teaching. Thank you so much to teach us so nicely. God bless you.

drakonchik chik
1 year ago

Need speaking partner anybody help me to develop my speaking ,plz

Jay Shah
1 year ago

Hii Liz this is jay shah i am facing a lot of problem in spelling mistake in writing how can I overcome it please guide
My email id is :
My contact number is :- +917405484885

Mustafa Nizam Biju Nizam
1 year ago

Beautifully said, Got the idea immediately, if someone asks about Dictionary, we have certain points here. Thanks Lizzzzz….

Sushanta Das
1 year ago

Hi liz how can i see videos serially

shrutika gawande
1 year ago

Hi Mam,
How would u recommend to study someone who is preparing at home . I need one direction to start my preparation . Do u have any complete module of your videos that we should follow in any pattern or can you suggest on how can I start ?

Thanks in advance !

shivani sharma
1 year ago

please suggest the Thesaurus dictionary author's name…which is good for the ielts preparation ?

australin hills and trees ocean
1 year ago

this realy helped

Monika Girdhar
1 year ago

Send more videos like this…every type of speaking topic

Rohit Sagar
1 year ago

Hello Mam
I am new your English class.
I am from India.
I have communication, speaking problem. How can solve it problem

Please help me mam

1 year ago

Hi Liz, tell me an example for electronical dictionary

Ankur Garg
1 year ago

Hello Mam, My name is neha. i am from india .i have speaking problem .i am new on your channel please help me to resolve my speaking problem.

Vin Kalu
1 year ago

Thank you ma for this, please can one also talk about Oxford advance dictionary, medical dictionary , drug dictionary, science dictionary and apart from the types of dictionaries what other information can one add when you are describing the dictionaries.

Rajkumar Sahani
1 year ago

thank you mam for giving progress knowledge about IELTS

Pabel Mahmud
1 year ago

Mam, i always try to speak like you. But i can't.

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