IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topics

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topics - IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topics - Getting Down Under IELTS, ielts listening, ielts speaking, ielts writing, IELTS-Test

For IELTS speaking part 1 you must prepare the common topics the examiner usually asks. This tutorial explains which subjects to prepare with ideas and vocabulary. For a list of topics and questions:

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topics

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Hai Yen Le
1 year ago

How about if i've just quited my job and i am not studying at the momment. So i neither have a job nor study. What should i say?

Sonali Gupta
1 year ago

Hi mam how are you ,your video bring my confidance for the exam thanks for that mam ,I have a query regarding part 1 now I am a housewife so what can I say to the examiner .Please reply

Orija Qtl
1 year ago

hello liz i need answers to the qustion

Vivek M
1 year ago

Hello Liz,
My part 1 is abt my study and regarding post cards and letters

Morgan Bev
1 year ago

On 1:12 Teacher, What if I'm a full time housewife. Please share what is the best way to answer this. Thank you.

Nayyer sultana
1 year ago


karam kaur
1 year ago

I do both study and i explain it to the examiner

drakonchik chik
1 year ago

Need speaking partner anybody help me to develop my speaking ,plz

Mustafa Sen
1 year ago

Hi Liz, I have something to ask you .. If examiner asks whether I am studying or working at some place ..Can I say I do both ? I mean Yes I study and work ..Should I give some explanations or may be i should just chose one of them ..what do you think ?

Niaz Mohammad
1 year ago

What if someone has been unemployed for a long period of time, that is he neither studies nor works…what should the answer be? is it acceptable to say "I'm unemployed at the moment"?

Sanobar Waqar
1 year ago

Ma’am I found so many topics for IELTS speaking test on your blog but unable to find their answers plz me knw from where I can get the answers??

Lily He
1 year ago

Thank you very much for this video. I am from China and I am in desperate need for a speaking partner. My exam comes next month.

latest jobs in UAE 2019
1 year ago

Thanks liz

Assem Ramadan
1 year ago

Hi , Liz . May i ask you for help in a grammatical question that makes me confused ! the question is : Never let yourself ……….into such a trick . which one is correct ( fall or be fallen) . i'm waiting your answer if you please .

vempati ssp
1 year ago

I'm a house wife and I don't work or study. What should my answer be ?

Achref Skioui
1 year ago

'Animals' is also a potential topic

maida Omair
1 year ago

Hi Liz thanks a lot ur videos are very helpful I got 8 in listening ,7 in speaking and 6.5 in both writing and reading overall 7 band successful score as a secondary candidate

hafsah Imadeldien
1 year ago

Hi. Liz If I have been asked about my hometown while I do not remember any thing about it that I have been born in a foreign country, in this case how should i respond?

Kuldeep Kaur
1 year ago

Mam mene 6 april exam date leni a plz muje bata skte ho ke speaking topic chnge ho ge tb tk ja ni agr hoge kya pdf a je gi

romana rahman
1 year ago

Nowadays it is seen that in part 1 only 5/6 questions are asked. Mam can u please suggest me how to predict the number of questions? How can I know how long should I speak because answering 4 questions and 12 question duration will have to same

aman reddy
1 year ago

will you please provide answers on these topics –

Taslima Akter
1 year ago

I am taslima. Can you help me teacher. can you explain ielts structures and ielts grammar. Please teacher.

Rana Zaheer Ahmad
1 year ago

I need english speaking partner….

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