Ielts Speaking Part 2: Describe A Historical Building - Sample Answer Band 9 - Ielts Speaking Videos - September 2021

IELTS Speaking Part 2: Describe a Historical Building – Sample Answer Band 9

in this video we are going to be looking at an IELTS Speaking Part 2 question Describe a Historical Building.

Topics covered in this video:

00:01:09 How to talk about History
00:02:52 Cue Card: Describe a Historical Building
00:03:07 Ideas
00:03:44 Vocabulary
00:10:50 Model Answer
00:13:04 LanguageAnalysis

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  1. You r great …love from pakistan …thnx alot i got 6 band in speaking in Ielts ..I think with the help of ur videos I will definately get my desired band in my upcoming test

  2. Thank you so much keith, my part 1 and 2 questions were discussed by yourself at some of your videos, i got 8!! I was asked about: breaks, cakes, hometown, apartment, part 2: being member of a team.

  3. O Keith it was amazing , vry helpful to thnku for your precious time honey love from India punjab I will talk about my historical place which is mesmerizing do you ever visit, or not don't know it's taj mahal a major tourist attractions in new Delhi for foreigners come and have look on that recently in last year trump visited there with his daughter evanka ,u do come Han I will be waiting for you , I would be standing at splendid arched entrance to hug you with huge thanking affection after this creepy pandemic god bless you

  4. I took my speaking test on the 18th of july in Ukraine and all the topics I got were mentioned either on your youtube channel or website . Part 1 was about being alone and beautiful views , part 2 about uniform and part 3 was based on the questions related to part 2. I have been practising speaking part 1 with the help of your channel for 1 week and spent only 1 day practising part 2 , since I guess I specially focused on writing and wasted all my time on it,forgetting about speaking. Although I looked through all the part 2 topics on your website, I didn't particularly pay attention to the uniform cue card, for I had neither time , nor the belief that it was worth spending time on due to its complexity. Instead, I was more concerned about the topics about a tool, risk in life and so forth.I got so anxious about the exam that I didnt sleep all night and in the morning was very worried that this could decrease my performance.What's more,my major concern was not my pronunciation, grammar or lexical resource but my general knowledge(I thought that some of the questions were too challenging for a 16-year-old like me). Nevertheless, I got 8 as an overall band , with 8,5 being the speaking mark. Thank u so much for your content ! I enjoyed preparing for ielts speaking and your videos made me laugh … I think that regardless of the fact that I have already taken ielts I will still watch them , since there is so much knowledge in your channel to derive )))

  5. Hi beautiful people. I got 7.0 overall and 6.5 for speaking. I am sure that examinor was biased because I did well. I need just 0.5 more in any section to get overall 7.5 and to apply for desired university. I believe there are kind people. Please donate me $1, I need overall 80$ to apply for a REMARK. please help me, please. This is my credit card number: 5169 4971 7775 8400. 1$ is almost nothing to you, but I will really appreciate it. Humans, let's help each other. Please.

  6. Thank you keith you don't imagine how you helped develop my level in speaking .you really enrich my mind with styles, phrases , ideas , structures and obvious explanation . A million thanks to you ….with love and respect .

  7. Thank you very much for making that video. I was struggling to find the right vocabs to talk about the details of historical buildings. that was really helpful.

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