IELTS Speaking Part 2: Describe a Historical Event – Sample Answer Band 9

Ielts Speaking Part 2: Describe A Historical Event - Sample Answer Band 9 - Ielts Speaking Videos - July 2022

In this video you can see a model answer of the IELTS Speaking Part 2 question: Describe a Historical Event in Your Country.

There is also a full analysis of vocabulary, grammar and fluency techniques.

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  1. Remember remember the fifth of November, gunpowder, treason and plot. I don't know a reason, why gunpowder treason should ever be forgot

  2. Fantastic job,dear teacher! I've been watching a lot of your videos and they really help me a lot.

  3. Hi Keith, thank you for your lessons. I practice everyday. My exam is end of the February. I have check your italk account but i am worried about i couldn't find any available day. I kindly ask i'd like to take course from you anytime on November or December if you are available?. Let me know your suggestion.
    I'm looking for your response.
    Big hi from Hong Kong

  4. Watching your videos helped me to get a speaking band score of 7.5 I kept hearing you in my head telling me to be confident and relax. Thanks Keith

  5. Which is the level of your videos? At present, I´m preparing for First, and I need a similar level in order to pass the exam.


  7. I really appreciate your help, I like it, but you put were rather than was ,you changed this by mistake or this rule conditions. Many thanks

  8. I love the way you influence the viewers and I am sure your class will be the great IELTS class ever. Thanks so much for the youtube videos and share the knowledge.

  9. If i hadnot found about your lessons and about your exellent methods ,It would be extremly monotonous and mind-numbing work try to practice speaking for ielts

  10. Columbus didnt discover america lets get that clear pls don't teach nonsense

  11. hii… keith I am interested in your online classes. can you tell me how can I enroll and whats the timing.

  12. can i talk about an invasion happened in my country ? it is a historical event right ?
    btw, your channel is awesome i love how you give us new words, its family and synonyms. thank you very much .

  13. This history related topic came in part 3 in my speaking. I think it was asked in relation with museums, sorry can’t remember the exact question.

    Part1. What do you do? Do u study or work? Followed up a few questions
    Part2. Describe a work you do not like to do, which u need to talk for about 2 minutes without any questions asked.
    Part3. Several questions related to the part 2 and about robots as well how robots are like today ? How does it affect workplace? Is it good or bad, etc
    there was history n museum question occurred as well. The test was taken in 02/03/20.

  14. Thank you for your instruction. It would be much better if it is shorter and compacter..just suggestions..thank you so much

  15. Please, what is better to say: to be horrified at smth or smb or by

  16. Hi Keith, thank you for your lessons. It's fascinating and informative. I'd like to take course with you. My exam is on 18 April. Can I start the course in February. Let me know your suggestion.
    I'm looking for your response.

  17. Thank you it’s really helpful, I would like to if you have also training class for job interview