IELTS Speaking Part 2 – Questions #E2Tasks with Jay & Alex

Ielts Speaking Part 2 - Questions #E2Tasks With Jay &Amp; Alex - Ielts Preparation Videos - September 2023

In this series, we’ll be releasing punchy little videos containing a Task of the Week. You’ll get the opportunity to attempt a sample test question, then we’ll go through it, breaking it down, step-by-step.

Question. Method. Answer. All in one video.

IELTS Speaking Part 2 – Questions #E2Tasks with Jay & Alex

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  1. Hi Jay and Alex, on my first attempt,the topic was to talk about the largest river in your country.. how wud we apply ppf on this case? Do we have any strategy for such questions?

  2. Let's hope the topic would really be about a movies, not " a building which you like " or some other ridicules thing like this …..

  3. i followed this strategy on my first attempt on dec 15,2018 and got 7.5 in speaking. Thans Jay!! u are amazing

  4. Question was "Describe 'a' movie…. "
    But you spoke about two movies, is that ok? Are we not supposed to stick to the question they ask?

  5. If you do not need to use the dot points on the card or address them, then why does it say "you should say" in stead of "you COULD say"? Free solo is an awesome movie btw.

  6. They better not ask me about movies, because even the most popular movies like game of throne, I have not seen it… Though, I can't say i hate movies.

  7. Hi Jay…
    Great video. Actually, I have one confusion for PPF method.
    Here they are asking to talk about "a" movie that you have enjoyed…
    Doesn't that mean to talk only about one movie?