IELTS Speaking Part 3: Urban vs Rural Life

IELTS Speaking Part 3: Urban vs Rural Life - IELTS Speaking Part 3 Urban vs Rural Life - Getting Down Under IELTS, ielts listening, ielts speaking, ielts writing, IELTS-Test

IELTS Speaking Part 3: Comparing city life and life in the countryside (Topic: Home). This lesson will give you ideas and vocabulary as well as tips to give a good answer for this topic.

IELTS Speaking Part 3: Urban vs Rural Life

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Hloo mam I want to talk with you

Better environment in country side than city like more greenery than City

Excellent teacher !!!

Thank you for your excellent presentation. We only have one small suggestion how to improve it. You might actually choose the best of both worlds, if you commute, living in the countryside and working in the city.
Kindest regards
English class at the DSG (Berlin) lol

How many people work for you?

thank you so much for useful lesson=Happy Easter

I really love your teaching style ♥️

Thanks Liz

hello guys, i need a partner to improve my speaking as well, if someone wish, here my (what's app) number +8801727668933

can i use " i suppose instead of i think" ????

10:31 RIP Google+

Are we provided with an extra time to note down few points before task 3 of speaking test?

Good. It helped me to enter New Zealand

It's very useful thanks

Haii mam your absolutely good explanation about the speaking section and as well as writing section also

you are magic teacher…GREAT LEARNING ZONE

Great Job! Thanks!
As for the topic, there is a plethora of suggestions for entertainment in the city.While in the countryside younger genration will find fewer night clubs, theatres, concerthalls.

What a beautiful pattern to pronounce each and every difficult word. I'm getting a lot knowledge by your lessons. Love you lovely and respected teacher. Love from Pakistan

Excuse me Elizabeth I really appreciate your effort but I think it won't be hidden from you that most of us who are taking this test are aware of the difference between these things. our problem is how to put the idea in a more delicate way so please try to focus on that one. blessings

good and helpful

Thankyou so much Madam, you are the best teacher, I got 7.5 band in speaking

It is really useful tor those who are preparing their IELTS test.

By the way, your speaking is very clear. The examiners don't speak like that! I've done that exam twice; first when I was in Leeds and second was back in my country.

You're just great Liz. Thank you so much

I like to live in country side

Is it okay to say that there should be a balance of both in our lives after selecting one of sides?

I really enjoyed your's Ilets vedios and well noted all points. This is very helpful.

The people who have disliked this video are definitely other IELTS teachers on youtube who are jealous

still contry side

Hello Liz. It seems so late as i didn't know you until now. I love the way you teach and the way you smile like a way to motivate your students

Hi Liz, I have a problem regarding speaking section. My 1st tutor suggests me to paraphrase all questions as it is requirement in band descriptor. In addition, he asked me to always use introductory in answering part 3 (not directly answer) in hope that we look different and genuine from other test taker. My 2nd tutor, on the other hand, asked to avoid paraphrasing all questions (once or twice is OK) since it makes our answer looks un-natural and feels strange. It would also encourage us to make a repetition in our answer. She showed me the band descriptor, she… Read more »

It is really good dear sister for everyone. Thank you.God bless you.

Liz i am a big fan of you world need awesome people like you
But i have one reason on you you can't upload video


Hello Liz, do you have a course for all types of questions in Writing task 2? I need help in this area?

Truly mam!! your way of teaching is so much admirable, keep on to upload next video.

Thank you for your smile during lessons :) I think, I am at your real lesson. It is very nice for me. Thank you.

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