Ielts Speaking Sample Answer Part 2 - A Piece Of Good News You Read - Ielts Speaking Videos - September 2021

IELTS Speaking Sample Answer Part 2 – A piece of good news you read

This is an awesome sample answer to a common IELTS Speaking Part 2 Question


Describe a recent piece of good news you read

Transcript of model answer:

Just the other day, I got an email out of the blue, from an old friend who I haven’t heard from for absolutely ages.

He said he was planning his annual holiday and would be passing through my city on his trip and could we meet up.

I was over the moon, I mean, he’s someone I get on really well with, but since he moved abroad, we just lost touch.

We actually used to play football together, so we would hang out after the matches most weekends.

It turns out he’s married now, with a kid, and he wanted me to meet the whole family.

I was thrilled to bits, and was really curious about meeting his wife and child.

The only hitch was the dates he was proposing, as luck would have it, they clashed with a business trip I had.

Luckily, he was letting me know in advance, so I just got back to him and suggested he came a few days later.

We sorted that out without too much hassle, and now they are coming for a full weekend.

To be honest, I can’t wait. I am really looking forward to meeting them all.

We’ve decided we will invite them round to our place for a bite to eat one evening, and then take them to a local park the next day.

That way, the kids will be able to play and get to know each other a bit better.

So that’s the piece of news I recently had and it makes me really happy.

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  1. Thank you so much Mr Keith, i was so happy when i found your channel while cramming for ielts exam in a very short time last month. Although i have got the required score for applying job, i keep practicing speaking by watching your videos on a daily basis because i want to speak more fluent, your videos are always helpful, not only for ielts exam but also for improving english proficiency as a whole, thank you so much

  2. If you had been my teacher in school, I would have been THE best at it… You make your videos/ lessons so dramatic (and you are expert in it) that way you catch hold of our attention….
    Lots of love and respect from the bottomest part of my heart, from India….

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